Vacant homes make heat treatments challenging when it comes to bed bug extermination.  While this may seem to be contrary to statements we have made in the past regarding the problem of clutter, this is so true.

vacant homes make heat treatments challenging
Vacant homes create heat treatment challenges.

The Why

Although vacant homes make heat treatments challenging, we encourage our customers to declutter before and after a heat treatment.  Clutter can cause problems with heat treatments because it provides MANY areas for bugs to hide.  So naturally, it would seem that the opposite of clutter, an empty room, would be the easiest to heat.  This could be true if the room was emptied just prior to the heat treatment. 

However, if a home has been vacant for a period of time, treatments for bed bug eradication can be tough.  When bed bugs no longer have a host to feed on (a person!), they tend to go dormant and will find a place in walls or crevices to hunker down for a while.  Bed bugs can live over a year without feeding.  So, the pests just simply wait for the next live body to appear in the room before they come out of hiding. If a heat treatment is performed before the bugs have been drawn out, it may be less successful. This is why vacant homes make heat treatments challenging.

The Solution

We have found that the best solution to help combat the bugs going in to hiding is for our customers to continue sleeping in the infested room.   Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted from our bodies. This draws them out of their hiding places. We know this can be extremely hard, mentally and physically, to intentionally use oneself as bait!  But for the happy ending, in the long run, it is the best way to prevent an unsuccessful heat treatment. Vacant homes make heat treatments challenging, so it is really the optimal way to eradicate bed bugs.

Another solution is to create CO2 to mimic a person being in the room.  We have used a sugar, yeast and water mixture that releases CO2 to draw out bugs in the room.  WATCH THE VIDEO.   While we have not found this to be as effective as having a live person in the room, it is sometimes the only option.

What Next?

So, if you find you have bed bugs, the best option to have a successful treatment is to stay in that room until the time of treatment.  Vacant homes make heat treatments challenging. We can treat your home with heat and have you bed bug free in 24 hours!  At Debug Your Bed, we offer full service and heater rentals.  We believe heat is the most effective way to kill bed bugs.  READ MORE.  Give us a call.  We are here to help!