Do You Have Bed Bugs in Your Car?

Bed Bugs in Cars

Bed bug…the very words instill terror. And, as our world has become more global, the spread of bed bugs has increased.  And this is not limited to hotels and sleeping accommodations.  There has been an increasing trend of bed bug incidents in ride-share vehicles. We recently read an article describing this unfortunate situation happening frequently in Dallas, Texas. Click HERE to read the article.


This is a serious concern for people as no one wants to take these pests for a ride to their homes.  Some extra precautions to take when arriving home from a trip are as follows:

  1. Shower immediately and change clothes when you arrive home. 
  2. Put all clothes/items in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes.
  3. Carefully inspect your luggage and any other items that you are not able to put in the clothes dryer. (Click HERE to identify bedbugs and bed bugs eggs).

If you do find bed bugs, you will want to put your luggage and other contaminated items as soon as possible.  These should be treated with heat from a steamer or even a hairdryer – anything that can get the item above 118° F.

Debug Your Bed Treats Cars

We have treated several cars for bed bugs.  One customer was doing a favor for a friend by helping move boxes to his friend’s new home, and the do-gooder ended up with bed bugs in return!  He came to us, and we were able to kill the bed bugs in his vehicle with our safe and effective bed bug heat treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Here at Debug Your Bed, we have small heaters and fans that can be placed in your vehicle and monitored for about 12 hours to ensure lethal temperatures (above 118° F) are reached that will kill bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatments are the most effective way to kill bed bugs in an infested area. 

Eradicate Bed Bugs

Heat treatments are also one of the best ways to eliminate bed bugs from your home.  Give us a call to learn about our DIY bed bug heater rentals or our full-service options (in New England only).   We are here to help!