Thermal Bed Bug Treatment Using Propane – What to Expect

A Propane Thermal Bed Bug Treatment is often used for a treatment area of over 1000 square feet. If you have bed bugs and have hired us for a propane treatment, here is what you can expect.

thermal bed bug treatment
The propane heater sits outside the home during a bed bug heat treatment.

The Beginning

A thermal bed bug treatment for bed bugs using propane heat usually takes about 8-10 hours.  We will arrive at your house between 8 and 9 am. Once we arrive, we set up the propane heater and fans, along with a 20-inch diameter hose to propel the hot air to different areas in the house.  We also place sensors in every room so that we can monitor air temperatures in the home remotely (from just outside the house). We open a few windows in the home to release the static pressure in the home. (If you remember from high school physics, since we are pumping air in the home, there needs to be a way to let some of the air out).

The Middle

We allow an hour or two for the entire treatment area to reach the kill zone temperature of 120 F during a thermal bed bug treatment.  Bugs die over time at a lower temperature of 113 F. But, we don’t want to disturb items in the room until the room reaches 120 F. We know the bugs will die within seconds once exposed to heat above 120 F. And we have seen this happen. When we flipped an item in the room at 120 F, we saw bugs move around for 2-5 seconds and then die! It is pretty cool to watch!

Once the kill zone temperature has been reached, we begin to move items in the room.  We remove outlet covers, flip cushions, etc. and adjust the fans to change the airflow in the room. We keep the heat temperature at a high level to reach 130-140 F temperatures.  In addition, we use a heat sensor gun to check hard-to-reach areas to ensure there are no cold spots in the rooms.

This process continues for the next 6 hours, making sure that all items and areas are exposed to the lethal temperatures for the longest period of time possible. READ MORE

The End

Finally, when we determine that the optimum heat has been reached, it is time to pack up! It is best if the heat can gradually leave the home. So we recommend leaving the windows cracked just a bit (as they were during the treatment). Just let the heat leave the house slowly.

A Propane Thermal Bed Bug Treatment is only one of the services we offer at Debug Your Bed. We also provide full-service utilizing our electric heaters and fans or you can rent them and treat your home yourself. We want to help you successfully kill bed bugs in your home. Give us a call today!

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