I never thought I would say I am thankful for bed bugs.  When my daughter first started getting bit by some unknown entity in late summer of 2016, I was in denial that we had a problem.  Surely, she just had mosquitoes in her room, right?  That is what I kept telling her. But a month later when she showed me more bites, three in a row on her arm, my heart sank.  I had heard that could be a telltale sign of bed bug bites. But we lived in the country…bed bugs wouldn’t be found in the country, right? What in the world was happening?

The Discovery

Well, we did a thorough search of her bed, and to my horror, found several clusters of bed bugs.  We were devastated.  My husband was unemployed, and my job was only part-time.  We were struggling to make ends meet.  And then to find bed bugs was just about the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I was certainly not feeling very thankful at this moment in time. 

The Treatment

And as we battled the bed bugs for the next 9 months, I thought this chapter in our life would NEVER end.  We tried using a pesticide company…but we still had bed bugs.  We tried spraying the rooms ourselves…and still had bed bugs.

Bryan decided we needed to treat our place with heat because chemicals don’t kill the bed bug eggs. READ MORE  So that is what we did, even though it cost thousands of dollars.  The good news is this:  the HEAT TREATMENT FOR BED BUG ELIMINATION WORKED!  We were finally bed bug free!

The Journey

After we found success with heat treatments as a viable option to killing bed bugs, Bryan decided we should try to help other people who were in the same predicament.  And so Debug Your Bed was born.  We offer heater rentals so you can affordably exterminate bed bugs in your home. Or in New England and Indiana, we offer full-service thermal treatments for bed bug eradication. We have found that heat is the most effective way to totally eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Thankful to be bed bug free!

Thankful For Bed Bugs

So how can I say I am thankful for bed bugs?  Well, along the way, we learned so much from this process. 

  1. We learned humbleness.  Yes, even people like us could get bed bugs. So many people are in the same predicament and we know how it can feel overwhelming, and baffling and embarrassing!
  2. We learned gratitude.  God, through our family, friends, and church, provided just what we needed…when we needed it.
  3. We learned to work together.  While we haven’t perfected this yet, we are enjoying being in business together.  Not every married couple can say this! 😊
  4. We have the opportunity to help others.  Heater rentals were not available when we were treating our home.  But through Debug Your Bed, that is always an option. We also offer a free phone consultation to help formulate the best plan of attack. We are in this with you. We want you to have a successful outcome – a bed bug free home!

Finally, we are learning to trust in God!  The Message version of the Bible says: Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. (I Thessalonians 5:16-18)  It’s not always easy to always feel thankful in the moment, but we are learning more every day.

Happy Thanksgiving from Debug Your Bed! We are even thankful for bed bugs!