So, you found a bed bug.  The typical reaction is to freak out.  We’ve been there and done that!  So, what next?  You will probably get on to your phone or computer and try to figure out the fastest and cheapest way to get rid of bed bugs.  Speaking from personal experience, we called in a professional company and were given an outrageous quote to treat our bed bug infestation with heat.


We chose the less expensive (yet still very high!) route of treating with chemicals.  The cost of chemicals was high because chemicals don’t kill bed bug eggs. This meant that the company had to come back for multiple treatments every 7 to 10 days until they no longer found live activity.  So, that meant they returned FIVE times to apply chemicals.  And, only two months after we were told that the bed bugs were gone from our home,  they were back…in a different bedroom, even though that room had been treated with chemicals. 


This brings me to a current-day situation…in New York City…in a subway control tower.  Last week, it was reported that bugs were found in a control tower of the subway on January 8 and the method of treatment was to fumigate the tower.  Yet, more bed bugs were discovered again on January 22.  It is clear the chemicals did not work.


Here are the top two reasons that chemicals alone are a poor strategy when attempting to exterminate bed bugs.

  1. Chemicals only kill the live bugs…not eggs. That is why continued treatment is needed every 7 – 10 days, which is the incubation period of a bed bug. So, chemicals need to be applied to try to get the new bugs before they can begin to reproduce.
  2. Chemicals only work if they actually get on the bug. You can spray, spray, spray, but if it doesn’t actually get onto the bed bug, they won’t die.


This is why we feel that heat is the best treatment for bed bugs! Heat can permeate an entire room, into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs like to hide.  Heat (118°F) also kills the eggs, so you do not need continued treatment every 7-10 days. CLICK HERE to read more!

So, you found a bed bug.  Don’t panic! If you have encountered bed bugs, give us a call!  We want to help you kill bed bugs and save money!