Small bug, big problem! No one ever wants to hear that they have bed bugs. It is amazing how such a little critter can cause so much panic and stress in most people.  And we have been there.  READ OUR STORY

But we have learned that killing bed bugs with heat is the only way to go! Here is an article we found interesting out of North Carolina where a bed bug was found in a local school.  Not surprisingly, the parents were extremely concerned about the possibility of their children bringing these pests back into their homes.

Here is what we recommend if you discover bed bugs in an area where you have been recently, and specifically as it relates to schools.

1. When you child returns from home from school, put their clothes, coat, & backpack (minus the contents) into the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes. We believe that heat treatments are the best way to kill bed bugs effectively.  You will also want to carefully inspect the contents of your child’s backpack to make sure no critters are hiding out in their books and folders.

2. Inspect any area in the house where your child normally places their coat or backpack to ensure that bed bugs have not crawled out of their belongings. LEARN MORE

3. Inspect any bedrooms or areas in the house where people sleep (such as couches) as bed bugs tend to feed on people when they are immobile for the longest period of time (such as sleeping)

4. Don’t panic! If you find bed bugs, give us a call! We will help you determine which heat system is the best way to treat the bed bugs in your home.  We offer affordable heater rentals and full-service heat treatments (in some areas).