It is important to use the proper heaters to treat bed bugs.  If you have a bed bug infestation in your home and researched treatment options, you learned that heat is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs. READ MORE  However, it is important to use the correct equipment.

Recently in the news, a man used a propane heater inside his home to treat the bed bug infestation.  Instead, a mattress caught on fire and caused over $250,000 in damages.  READ ARTICLE

At Debug Your Bed, we utilize both electric and propane heaters.  When these heaters are used correctly, they are incredibly safe.

Electric Heaters

Our electric heaters are built specifically to treat bed bugs.  Most heaters from an equipment rental store will not even reach the lethal temperature of 120° F, so obviously, those are not the proper heaters to treat bed bugs.

Our heaters also have several safety features, ensuring that they will not cause a fire. First, the heaters have a built-in fan that blows the hot air.  If the fan stops working, the heater will automatically shut off as well.  Secondly, the heaters are built with an internal mechanism that will switch off the heater should it get tipped over. Finally, they operate on a thermostat so we can set the max temperature of the heater. 

Proper heaters to treat bed bugs
Electric Heater and Propane Heater to Treat Bed Bugs

Propane Heaters

While it is important to use the proper heaters to treat bed bugs, you need to make sure you use them safely. Propane heaters should never be brought inside a building for two reasons.  First, there is usually a flame associated with a propane heater. Although it is inside the heater, it could still cause problems as the man in aforementioned article learned. Secondly, the temperature can rise to over 200° F. The large propane heater that we use for bed bug eradication stays outside for the entire treatment.  It is always in our view; we never leave it unattended.

Debug Your Bed

So, if you find bed bugs in your home and you want to safely treat with heat, give us a call.  We rent out our electric heaters. And, we will train you on how to use them in your home.  Our propane heater is only used for full-service heat treatments in New England.  We will make sure the proper heaters to treat bed bugs are used safely!