It is important to use the proper heaters to kill bed bugs. If you have a bed bug infestation in your home and researched treatment options, you learned that heat is one of the best ways to eradicate bed bugs. You need heaters to kill these bugs. READ MORE  However, it is important to use the correct equipment.

Recently in the news, a man used a propane heater inside his home to get rid of the bed bug infestation in his home.  Instead of just getting rid of the bed bugs, a mattress caught on fire and caused over $250,000 in damages.  READ ARTICLE

At Debug Your Bed, we utilize both electric and propane heaters. When these heaters are used correctly, they are incredibly safe.
Proper heaters to treat bed bugs
Electric Heater and Propane Heater to Treat Bed Bugs

Electric Heaters to Kill Bed Bugs

Our electric bed bug heaters are built specifically to treat bed bugs.  Most heaters from an equipment rental store will not even reach the lethal temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so obviously, those are not the proper heaters to treat bed bugs. Our portable bed bug heaters are easy to use and will fit in most vehicles for transporting should you choose a DIY bed bug treatment option. You can read more about this below. These are the best bed bug heaters to use when treating small rooms or automobiles. Yes, they can even be used to treat a car!

Our electric heaters and fans in use.

Our bed bug heaters also have several safety features, ensuring that they will not cause a fire. First, the heaters have a built-in fan that blows the hot air.  If the fan stops working, the heater will automatically shut off as well.  Secondly, the heaters are built with an internal mechanism that will switch off the heater should it get tipped over. Finally, the bed bug heaters operate on a thermostat so we can set the max temperature of the heater. 

When utilizing electric bed bug heaters for a heat treatment, it is important to determine if your home has a sufficient electrical supply to match the power requirements of our electric heaters. Our smallest heater runs off of 3 power cords and requires 36 amps of power. This means that you would need at least three separate circuits, not simply outlets. Some of our bed bug heaters require 64 amps of power. This is one of the most important thing to understand when using these machines. Some people assume that you can plug the three cords into any three outlets, but this will not work. You will most certainly blow a breaker.

We have a work-around to make this process much easier. We offer conversion kits that plug into the 220 outlet of an electric stove or clothes dryer. The kit then converts the 220 power to 110 power (which is the standard electrical outlet in a house). This makes it nice and easier to obtain the power needed for the electric heaters. Simply plug in the cords from the heater right into the conversion kit and you won’t have to run around the house trying to determine which outlet is on which circuit! We want to make it easy for you to eliminate bed bugs…and bed bug heaters work!

Our 220 Conversion Kit

Propane Heaters to Kill Bed Bugs

While it is important to use the proper heaters to treat bed bugs, you need to make sure you use them safely. Propane bed bug heaters should never be brought inside a building for two reasons.  First, there is usually a flame associated with a propane heater. Although it is inside the heater, it could still cause problems as the man in the aforementioned article learned. Secondly, the temperature can rise to over 200° F. The large propane heater that we use for bed bug eradication stays outside for the entire treatment.  It is always in our view; we never leave it unattended.

Our propane heater in action.

Debug Your Bed

If you find bed bugs in your home even one time, you need a solution. You need to heat it all up, the most effective method of killing bed bugs.  Not all pest control companies use heat to combat bed bugs. But if you want to do it right the first time and skip the harsh chemicals, give us a call. We have full-service and rental options available. We know many people are interested in a DIY bed bug treatment, so we rent out our electric bed bug heaters. And, we will train you on how to use them in your home. 

We also have instruction pages that you can download on proper us of the equipment as well as instructional videos for room prep and heater set-up, as well as the necessary treatment time and additional information needed for a successful treatment. VIDEOS You can be confident that your home and belongings are safe during this process of killing bed bugs.

In addition to utilizing bed bug heaters in the treatment to eliminate bed bugs, we also use fans. The fans allow the hot air to circulate throughout the treatment area. It is also beneficial to point the fans in the cooler areas of the room in order to ensure that everything reaches the thermal death point of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, even the bed bug eggs will die. Heat kills bed bugs in all its life stages. Once the desired temperature is reached, it also helps to move items around within the treatment area to make sure everything is exposed to the warm air. Read More

Our propane heater is only used for full-service heat treatments and is perfect to treat an entire house. We stay on-site during the duration of the bed bug treatment to ensure the safety of your home and belongings.  As always, the heater stays outside and we vent in the hot air through large tubes in the windows. We also use fans to spread the heat throughout the entire treatment area. We walk in to the hot spaces frequently to move furniture and items, as we have seen over and over that bugs will hide under anything! We have found them under a random sock that is under a bed. And if the object is larger, it is possible for the bugs to survive the heat. We definitely don’t want that to happen!

Give us a call for a FREE phone consultation for professional help to determine which bed bug heaters are right for your situation. Heat treatments are non-toxic, eco-friendly and even pet safe, as long as the pets are removed from the treatment area during the high heat.
We would love to talk to you about your bed bug problems and how we can help you successfully eradicate these pests the best way…with heat. You can Debug Your Bed in one day!
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