H600 (IN)


Price is PER DAY. Increase the quantity to the number of days that you will need to rent the equipment.


4 x 15′ Power Cords, 2 x 25′ Power Cords, 2 x 50′ Power Cords, 1 x IR thermometer, 1 x Circuit Breaker Detector

Total Circuits Needed:

1 -  6 x 20amp 120v or 8 x 15amp 120v circuits

Total Amps Needed: 80

BTUs: 33,000

Heats Up to 600sqft

The H600 heater is one of our strongest heaters and is the perfect bed bug heater for almost any large sized area.  This package is best when bed bugs have just been discovered and are localized to one area with little clutter. Also, it is best if no repellent chemicals, such as sprays or foggers, are used immediately prior to treatment.

*Please note that all prices are per day and subject to change.


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