Price is PER VEHICLE. Treatments typically take 8 hours. Additional fees may apply if further treatment is needed. This Heat Package is for treating one vehicle at our place of business. Additional fees will apply if the treatment is done somewhere else.


Setup, treatment, and monitoring. Additional fees may apply for treatments done at a location other than our place of business.

Power Needed: 

  • 3 x 20amp 120v circuits OR
  • 3 x 15amp 120v circuits OR
  • 1 x 30am 220v circuit (from an electric stove or dryer) OR
  • A combination of the above

Total Amps Needed: 34

BTUs: 16,000

Treats Most Vehicle Types

The FS CAR Bed Bug package is ideal for vehicles with low to medium infestation levels with some clutter. This package works best when your vehicle has been cleaned first by removing ALL trash and items that can be easily inspected (tools, items in center console, beverage bottles/containers, etc.)

*Please note that all prices are subject to change.