GMS 220 Power Conversion Kit


Price is PER DAY. Increase the quantity to the number of days that you will need to rent the equipment.



1 x 20′ Extension Power Cord, 2 x 3-prong adapter cables, 2 x 4-prong adapter cables

1 Blue 4-outlet electrical panel

Total Circuits Needed: 1 x 30amp 220v or 1 x 40amp 220v or 1 x 50amp 220v circuits (these types of circuits are used to power electric stoves and electric dryers)

Total Amps Needed: 30-50amps

Best Used For: The 220v conversion kit is useful when it is difficult to locate 4 or more individual circuits near your treatmetn area. The conversion kit allows you to power an entire heater from one 220v outlet.

*Please note that all prices are per day and subject to change.


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