What a year it as been!  Even with a pandemic and everything topsy-turvy in the world, bed bugs still exist!  At Debug Your Bed, we have made great strides in 2020 to help you become bed bug free! 

Increased Inventory

We have increased our inventory of heaters and fans.  This allows us to do more heat treatments to eradicate bed bugs.  In New England, we have added a large propane heat system, that allows us to treat large areas quickly and efficiently.  Our location in Indiana increased their inventory as well, to allow for more heater rental options.

New Location

Debug Your Bed has added a new location in the past year.  We now offer heater rentals in the great Los Angeles area.  So, if you are in that area and you find bed bugs, give Marie a call.  She will be glad to walk you through how you can get rid of bed bugs in your home.

New Resource

A new resource we’ve added to our strategy in New England and Indiana is the use of a K9 for inspections. These dogs can even smell bed bug eggs! We use these dogs for pre and post treatment inspections.

Other Locations

We now have 5 locations where you can rent heaters to eliminate bed bugs from your home or office. 

  1. New Hampshire – Serving Maine, NH, Vermont, and Massachusetts, with full-service bed bug eradication or DIY heater rentals.
  2. Boston – Heaters rentals are available at a convenient location to those living in the Boston area or southern Massachusetts.
  3. Indiana – Heater rentals are available, as well as some full-serve options for getting rid of bed bugs.
  4. Austin – Heater rentals for bed bug elimination are available.
  5. Los Angeles – Heater rentals for bed bug elimination are available.
Merry Christmas from Debug Your Bed!

Eliminate Bed Bugs

At Debug Your Bed, our only business is killing bed bugs.  We believe that heat is the most effective way to treat this pest.  Chemicals tend to send bugs into hiding, and they don’t kill bed bug eggs.  Heat kills bed bugs in every stage of their life cycle. Plus, heat is eco-friendly and fast!  READ MORE You can be free from a bed bug infestation within 24 hours when treating with heat.  So please give us a call if you find you need bed bug eradication.  We would love to help you!

From all of us at Debug Your Bed, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.