How can you achieve keeping sanity during bed bugs?   If you have ever had bed bugs, you know this is hard to do. This is not uncommon.  No one wants to feel bugs crawling on them at night.  And, it is disconcerting to wake up with bed bug bites, knowing that bugs have been feeding on you while you sleep. They have so many hiding places, it seems they are impossible to find, and that is another contributing factor to the stress that these bugs cause. READ MORE.

Bed bugs take a toll on sanity
Bed Bugs Take A Toll on Sanity

Many of our customers want to throw away all the items in their homes.  They consider ripping out carpet and hardwood floors. We have shown up to apartments that have very little furniture and have seen it all in the dumpster outside. Bed bugs just make them feel crazy! They feel that if they simply discard everything, the problem will go away. Bed bugs take a toll on so many areas of your life, mentally and financially. They can be all-consuming!

Chemical Treatment

Most of our customers have tried to treat the bed bug infestation on their own.  They often use chemicals and bombs, diatomaceous earth and other home remedies, mainly because they feel that it is more cost-effective.  However, while chemicals may kill some of the bugs, it usually just sends the bugs into hiding. And when they come back out of hiding, they are hungry.

Hiring a professional chemical company can also be very expensive in the long run.  They tend to understate the cost of completely eradicating the bugs because it may take MANY treatments with chemicals.  We have even had a customer tell us that a chemical company told her that they couldn’t get rid of the bed bugs but would help her “manage” the problem.  This is not reassuring! No one wants to simply manage a bed bug infestation, they want to eradicate it forever. I know we did!

We used a chemical company to spray our home when we first got bed bugs four years ago.  READ OUR STORY. We paid over $2000 and STILL HAD BED BUGS!  They had to come to spray every 7 to 10 days because chemicals don’t kill bed bug eggs.  READ MORE. Every time the company returned for an additional spray, the cost was $350 and they had to come back at least 5 times!!  That is a high price to pay to still end up with a bed bug infestation.  My sanity was waning for sure. We didn’t know what we were going to do. These bed bugs take a toll on my bank account!!

So we decided that we would treat with chemicals ourselves. And we still ended up seeing more bed bugs. We were at our wits end. It seemed like the problem would never end and we would never get back to our normal life. We would always have this “secret” that we couldn’t tell anyone about. Our kids couldn’t have friends over because we were terrified that the problem would be spread to others’ homes.

And it was just downright embarrassing! How could this happen to us? We live in the country, we don’t have nearby neighbors. Where did these parasitic insects even come from? Did we get them from a friend or used furniture? This was just part of the mental anguish we experienced.

Chemical treatments are costly and don’t even kill bed bug eggs!

Heat Treatments

Since bed bugs take a toll on your sanity, you need a solution, just as we needed a solution. We treated with heat and have not seen any more bed bugs! Heat treatments to eradicate bed bugs are your best option.  They kill all cycles of the bed bug life cycle from adult bed bugs to bed bug eggs.  You can rest easy knowing that the heat kills them all! 

And heat treatments are safe for your family and pets. Once the treatment is complete and the house has cooled back down to a reasonable temperature, it is safe to go back into the house. No worries about residue that chemicals can leave behind. No special cleanup required! You will just want to thoroughly vacuum the treated area and items of furniture to remove any dead bugs, eggs, or bed bug exoskeletons. This way, you will have a clean slate.

Bed bugs take a toll on sanity
Bed bugs are stressful!

At Debug Your Bed, we are one of the only pest control companies to offer heater rentals to treat bed bugs. We have videos available that show how you can set up the heaters to have an effective heat treatment. We will help explain the whole process to you so that you feel confident in renting our equipment. For small or larger jobs, full-service options are available as well. If you want us to come in and do the work from start to finish, we can do that! We have large heaters that can efficiently heat large bed bug infestations.

We know bed bugs take a toll on your mental health. And, we want to help you regain your sanity.  We understand that having bed bugs does not mean that your are a dirty person or have an unclean house. Bed bugs can happen to anyone! The first step if to give us a call for a free consultation to determine the best plan to kill bed bugs in your home. We want to to help you win the bed bug battle and get back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.
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