Bed Bug Dog – K9 Detection

How It Works

The handler and canine will inspect the following items in all areas of the dwelling:

  • all box springs, mattresses, and bed frames
  • all headboards, footboards and night stands
  • all furniture
  • baseboards on walls adjacent to beds

Any area where the canine alerts* will get special attention from the handler to determine what the canine found.

The handler and canine are looking for evidence of bed bugs:

  • Live or dead bed bugs (nymphs and adults)
  • Live or dead bed bug eggs
  • Bed bug shells (exoskeleton)
  • Fecal matter (dark brown dots)
  • Blood smears
Bed Bugs & Dogs

*What does it mean when a canine alerts?

A canine will give the handler some sort of signal (sit down, point, bark, etc.) when they smell the presence of a bed bug in any form – that includes eggs, nymphs and adults. The canine will not alert on dead eggs or dead bugs.