Is this a bed bug? We recently had several people call us, convinced that they have bed bugs.  We contacted a local K9 inspector to bring in his dog to verify the location of the bugs so that we could accurately assess the treatment needed.  However, in many instances, the dog did not alert to bed bugs.  This was also verified by the inspector, who did not see any signs that a bed bug infestation was present.

So, if you find a bug, and you wonder, is this a bed bug, here are some characteristics to look for that are unique to this species.

Physical Description

First of all, adult bed bugs are about ¼ inch in size and resemble an apple seed.  They tend to be brownish and flat unless they have recently eaten.  Then, they become elongated and more reddish in color.  They have six legs and 2 small antennae at the top of their head.  They start as very small eggs that are whitish in color and are about ¼ of the size of a grain of rice.  The nymphs or babies are extremely hard to see and may be clear in color unless they have eaten. 

Heat kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle.
The Life Cycle of a Bed Bug

Other signs

Bed bugs shed their exoskeleton 5 times before becoming an adult.  So you may notice yellowish encasements that look just like the creature. These can often be found in clusters as the bed bug is a nesting insect.  They tend to huddle together and just rest in between feeding.

You may also notice blood smears on your bed where bites may continue to bleed after the bugs are done feeding.  Fecal stains (little blackish-brown dots in clusters) are also a sign that bed bugs are present. READ MORE

Is this a bed bug
Is this a bed bug? These exoskeletons are a sign of bed bugs.

What You Can Do

If you should positively determine that you have an infestation, we are here to help with treatment! We are firm believers in heat treatments for bed bug extermination.  Heat treatment is the only eradication method that kills all the stages of the bed bug life cycle. READ MORE.  If you find a bug and wonder, “Is this a bed bug,” we are happy to assist in lining up a K9 inspector to visit your home.  Just give us a call.  We are here to help!