When you find a bed bug in your bedroom, your first instinct is to never sleep in that room again.  But that is precisely how bed bugs can spread around your home.  Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that your body gives off. This is especially true at night when you are in a sedentary position for an extended period of time.  However, when you decide to move to a different room in the home, the bed bugs, if left untreated, will eventually move over to that area of the home. 


Using chemicals is also how bed bugs can spread, especially if you are trying to treat the bed bugs yourself.  Bed bugs have formed resistance to chemicals over the years.  When you spray a particular room, it may kill some bugs.  But, most likely, spraying chemicals sends the bed bugs deeper into hiding in your walls. They love to burrow into any crack or crevice they may find.  Bed bugs will also travel to areas of the home that were not sprayed. They will try to find anywhere people are for their next meal.


During this time of quarantine, hotels need to be extra vigilant about searching and eradicating bed bugs.  In a recent article by “Hotel Business,” the author explains that while hotels may not be getting many lodgers, during the Covid-19 crisis. Then, if the conference rooms are used for meetings, the bed bugs may travel to other areas of the hotel. This is how bed bugs can spread in other places. Thus, the infestation has just expanded in the hotel.  READ THE ARTICLE.

how bed bugs can spread
If a hotel room stays unoccupied, the bed bugs will move to where the people are!

The Solution

We know how bed bugs can spread easily around your home so the best solution is to stay put! Don’t give the bed bugs a reason to wander around your home. Give us a call! We offer FREE phone consultations to determine the best option to kill the bed bug infestation in your home. We can even get you set up with a heater rental to treat your home yourself.  Or if you are in New England, we can come to your home. We provide full-service bed bug extermination services via heat treatment. READ MORE ON HEAT TREATMENTS.

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