Heat can kill bed bugs.  But, can you eliminate bed bugs with a heat treatment when there is a sprinkler system in my home? Some people automatically think the answer to this question is NO. And, this can be a tricky proposition. However, we have treated homes and apartments, and even hotels that contain a hydro fire suppressant system. Here is how it works for us.

Our policy

Here is our standard policy regarding sprinkler systems.

                Due to the high temperatures required for an effective thermal treatment, the Company recommends that all fire sprinklers be shut off, capped and drained. Company accepts no responsibility for damages caused by a discharged sprinkler head should the sprinkler system remain activated and sprinkler heads allowed to be covered by Company technicians.

So basically, we recommend that the system is turned off and drained.  We also recommend that the sprinkler heads be removed as they have wax in them that could melt during the heat treatment. But don’t be scared off just because you have a sprinkler system in your home or apartment. Since heat can kill bed bugs, we know you want to use the most effective treatment possible. Continue reading to see how we can perform a heat treatment even when a sprinkler system is on the premises.

Heat can kill bed bugs in your home!
Heat can kill bed bugs in your home.

Our workaround

We know that practically, the method for draining a sprinkler system can be a long and tedious process.  Most people will not go through the hassle.  But we also know they still want to use heat to get rid of bed bugs. So our workaround (with the customer’s permission and them assuming any liability) to ensure that sprinklers do not go off is to cover the heads with a thermos filled with ice and use poles to secure them into place. 

We also place sensors in the room and even in our sprinkler head coverings, to keep track of the temperatures remotely. We monitor these temperatures closely so that we don’t get too close to the temperature that would set them off. We want to avoid causing water damage to any furniture or areas in the house that are being treated.

Sprinkler Head Cover

Heat can kill bed bugs

Bed bugs can survive high and low temperatures. But at about 113 degrees Fahrenheit, bugs start to die when exposed to this temperature for several hours. As the temperature rises, the amount of time that the bugs need to be exposed to the temperature decreases. We like the reach temperatures in the 130s. With the help of our fans, we push the hot air into every corner of the treatment area. Any bed bug will die very quickly at this temperature.

When we work around a sprinkler system, we can set our thermostatically controlled heaters to 130. This will keep the heat lethal to the bed bugs, yet will still be 20 degrees away from the temperature of 155 degrees, which is the common temperature at which sprinkler systems are activated. Consistent high heat is the key to killing all of the bed bugs in the treatment area. READ MORE ABOUT BED BUGS

Eradicate bed bugs

If you have unexplained bites or markings on your bed/furniture, you may have bed bugs.  READ MORE to learn how to detect bed bugs. Heat can kill bed bugs and is the optimal form of bed bug extermination as the heat kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle, even the eggs.  READ MORE

Give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your bed bug situation. Having experience bed bugs in our own home, we know the stress, panic, and frustration caused by a bed bug infestation. We can help, even if you have a sprinkler system.  We will talk with you to determine how you can have the most effective treatment to fully eradicate the bed bugs. Heat can kill bed bugs efficiently and quickly.  We want to help you debug your bed!