What is needed for a heat treatment to eradicate bed bugs to be successful? Having too much stuff or insufficient temperatures can be deterrents of an effective bed bug extermination treatment.  We have done many heat treatments for bed bugs over the past few years. And have a high rate of success.  But at times, we receive a call that after a few weeks, a live bed bug is still moving in the treatment area.  So what is the solution?

Heat treatments are effective with proper temperatures and spacing.

Bed Bugs Love Tight Spaces

Bed bugs love living in tight little places.  They snuggle together after they have found just the right spot.  This is usually on a porous surface or any little nook or cranny that makes them feel warm and cozy. Other surfaces they like are wood, paper or soft material.  When you have piles of clothes, bins of papers, or stacks of books near your bed or many items tucked under the bed, you are unwittingly providing numerous places for bed bugs to reside. 

The success rate of the heat treatment is much higher when items are spaced out properly. When we do come in with our heat treatment system, it is important to be able to move around and place the heaters and fan in strategic locations. We come in frequently a move items around so that air can flow properly and effectively around and in between items.

How to Get More Space

We recommend that you keep clothes and books away from the bed.  If you need to store items underneath your bed, we recommend putting objects in a sealable plastic container that will prevent the bedbugs from making a home in the tub.  Also, any items that are not being used on a regular basis should be stored elsewhere in the home or donated to a charitable organization. Click HERE for tips on minimizing your possessions.

Heat Temperatures

Another problem that we find is that at times, the temperatures are not sufficient to kill the bugs. This happens when the warm air cannot get to areas that harbor the bugs. This can also happen when furniture is ripped or damages. When a mattress or couch cushion is torn, that provides a safe space for a bed bug to hide and avoid the lethal temperatures during the heat treatments. We recommend that torn items such as a couch or chair be discarded to ensure that you do not have a reoccurrence of the bed bug infestation. In addition, if your mattress has holes or rips, it is beneficial to toss it out or cover it with a bed bug mattress encasement.

Heat cannot permeate large piles of clothes.

Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

If you are looking for an effective treatment of bed bugs using heat, give us a call!  We offer full-service treatments in your home or business (we come to your residence and do all the work).  Or we will rent the heating equipment to you for a cost-effective way to eradicate bed bugs from your home.  Our website contains instructions and videos on how to prep your home and how to use the heat equipment.  DEBUG WEBSITE

You can do this! And, we are here to help you have a highly effective bed bug treatment by preparing and heating properly.