If you find you have itchy welts caused by bed bugs, don’t throw away your furniture – treat with heat!  Read on to see why we think this is the best pest control for bed bugs!

We have arrived at many homes to find that most of the furniture has already been discarded: bed frames, dressers, sofas, chairs…all the furniture items in the infested room! We found a recent article out of Arizona that reinforces what we have been saying for several years now.  You don’t need to throw away your belongings if you have a bed bug infestation.  READ THE ARTICLE

You don’t need to throw away all your furniture if you get bed bugs.

What NOT to Do if you Find Bed Bugs

One of the worst things you can do if you find bed bugs in your home is to buy over the counter pesticides.  This is not a great method for controlling bed bugs or preventing bed bugs. They tend to repel the bugs, which may at first seem like you have gotten rid of the problem. However, in just a short amount of time, the bed bugs are back and hungrier than ever.  The chemicals purchased at local stores are usually a very watered down version of a professional pesticide (although we don’t recommend using ANY chemicals).  And, chemicals do not kill the bed bug eggs, so multiple treatments are required.  READ MORE This is why we recommend that you treat with heat.

We have encountered many customers who have tried everything: sprays, bombs, essential oils, diatomaceous earth. These products simply do not eliminate bed bugs for good. They will kill some of the bugs, but because the eggs are not affected by these products, you will not be exterminating all signs of bed bug life. You will experience a bit of relief as some of the adult bed bugs will die. But once the eggs hatch, the small bed bugs or nymphs will start eating and the cycle starts again! The chemicals don’t actually help control bed bugs or eliminate them.

The second thing people do wrong is throw away furniture.  They feel that if they get rid of infested items, they will get rid of bed bugs.  However, bed bugs can find many places to hide in your home.  Bed bugs hide in cracks in the floor, inside outlet covers and in or under nightstands or furniture nearby their bed. Just getting rid of your mattress and box spring will not solve the problem.

Heat linens and clothing items in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

You may have bed bugs hiding in other items but is not necessary to discard linens and clothing. While these can be great hiding places for bed bugs, these items can be placed carefully in a clothes dryer and dried on high heat for at least 30 minutes. This will kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs that may be in those items.

You don’t need to throw away your furniture if you find bed bugs. Treat with heat!

What TO Do if You Find Bed Bugs

While bed bug control can feel impossible, we recommend a heat treatment if you find bed bugs in your home, car or office. These treatments kill bed bugs in every stage of its life cycle. By exposing the bugs to temperatures of over 120° F, even the eggs will die. Heat permeates most places, even electrical outlets and cracks and crevices in the floors and furniture. This is what you want to eradicate bed bugs from your sleeping area, living space, home or even office!

We can help you determine if renting the heaters to treat the bed bugs yourself is a good option.  Our website includes instructions and videos (watch here) on how to use the specialized equipment to eliminate a bed bug infestation. In addition to offering heater rentals, full-service treatments are available. We will come and do all the work!

For small infestations, electric heaters can usually do the job right, providing you have enough electrical power available. If you have a large bed bug infestation that you need to treat with heat, we have propane heaters and tubing that we use to quickly heat an entire house to the lethal temperature. Once we start the propane heaters, our team will be in the treatment area multiple times to ensure that all areas of the home are being exposed to the heat. We move furniture and other items to make sure there are no live bugs hiding in cool spots. Most infested items will be salvageable with a heat treatment.

The Exceptions – there are always exceptions to the rules!

There may be times when a particular piece of furniture is so damaged or infested that we may recommend discarding the item. This may happen if the assembly of the piece is so intricate that heat cannot get to all areas of the item. It can be challenging to treat upholstered furniture. Some upholstered furniture, such as couches, chairs, and even fabric-covered headboards and bedframes would fit this category. Bed bugs can hide inside tight folds. When cushions cannot be removed, it may be difficult to ascertain whether or not the inside of the furniture reached the lethal temperature or not or if all the bugs were killed. And we never know definitively how many bed bugs have made it inside a particular piece of furniture.

Upholstered bed frames can make bed bug extermination challenging!

This is also the case when there are many rips and tears in upholstered furniture as well because bugs may have crawled and laid eggs in places that simply will not be able to get hot enough for both the bugs and the eggs to die. In addition, if the item of furniture has a serious case of fecal staining, for sanitary reasons, it is best to get rid of the piece. In these situations, bed bug control may not be possible so it is best to remove the affected item from the home.

Call Debug Your Bed for a Heat Treatment

So, don’t throw away your furniture and belongings if you find you have a bed bug problem, treat with heat! We are the premier bed bug pest control company in New England and we can help you get rid of bed bugs. We have helped may customers save their expensive furniture, because we know how to treat bed bugs with heat. Just give us a call! We want you to be bed bug free! We are here to help!

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