DIY Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs
A DIY heat treatment for bed bugs will give you peace of mind.

Bed Bug Extermination Options

So you found a bed bug (or many) in your home.  Now what?  There are several different options, including a DIY heat treatment for bed bugs! 

  1. You can call an extermination company and treat your home with chemicals.
  2. Contact an extermination company (such as Debug Your Bed) and have the professionals come to your home and treat the infestation with heat.
  3. Give Debug Your Bed a call and rent the heaters to treat the bed bugs yourself.

Debug Your Bed Options

Here at Debug Your Bed, we offer both heat treatment options (in New England).  You can call us and we can perform the treatment, or we can give you the equipment and instructions for a DIY heat treatment for bed bugs. READ MORE

DIY Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

If you choose to call us to rent the equipment, here is how it works for a DIY heat treatment for bed bugs:

We will talk with you about your infestation, and the affected areas to determine what equipment you will need to kill the bed bugs.  We also need to learn the amount of electric power that is available in your home.  Our heaters are powerful and take between 48-and 64 amps, so we need to assess if the power available is adequate for the needed equipment.

Once we determine that a heater rental for a DIY treatment is a viable option, we will set up a time for you to pick up the equipment from our location.  Once you arrive, we spend between 15-30 minutes showing you the equipment and thoroughly explaining how to set it up to get the best treatment possible.  We also have printable documents that explain how to prepare your room for the heat treatment and also how to use the equipment.  And, we have videos explaining this information, too.  

Download instructions and watch videos HERE.

When we personally experienced bed bugs several years ago, there were NO heater rental options available to us to eliminate our bed bug problem.  We want to give you the options we didn’t have!

Read Our Story HERE.

Please give us a call in New England, Boston, Indianapolis, and Austin to see how we can help you exterminate your bed bugs for good with an easy DIY solution!