Have you been getting bit at night and don’t know what is causing these itchy bumps? Is it just an insect bite? Do you see small blood smears on your sheets? Do you see small black dots on the corners of your mattress? Are you wondering if you could possibly have a bed bug infestation? These are classic signs to look for when attempting to detect bed bugs. Read More Here


If you wake up with unknown welts on your body, you may have bed bugs.  Once you start noticing bites, you may start getting bit every night, or every few nights, depending on the level of infestation.  Bed bugs can go a long time without food if a food source is not available, but they generally prefer to eat every few days.  The more frequently you are bit can indicate that you are housing a plethora of bed bugs.

But don’t be fooled. Even if you don’t see visible bites on your body, this doesn’t mean that you DON’T have bed bugs. Over thirty percent of people do not react to bed bug bites. And, it may take several days for bed bug bites to appear. Everyone reacts differently to the bites!

Bed bug bites

Blood Smears

Some other signs of bed bugs, bloodstains, or smears, that may be seen on your bed sheets, can occur in two ways.  One is that it is residual from the bed bugs feeding on you.  The second is that you may actually roll over onto the bug at night, killing it and smearing the blood that it has just consumed. The stains usually appear as tiny lines rather than droplets.

It can be possible to have bed bugs and not see bloodstains on your sheets, depending on the frequency that you launder these items. It is not common to see any blood smears at a hotel because the linens are changed so frequently. And blood smears alone are not indicative of bed bug activity. So read on to learn more signs of bed bug infestations.

Blood smears from bed bugs

Small Black Dots

The small black spots that you may see around your bed or mattress are fecal stains or bed bug excrement. The more staining that is visible, the more bugs there are!  And this can also mean that you have had a bed bug infestation for quite some time. Fecal staining is common on the corners of the mattress, under the tags, on the box springs, on the bed frame, and on the wooden slats on which the box spring is resting.  We have even seen fecal staining around electrical outlets near the bed. Bed bugs love to nestle into tiny little spaces or other areas, such as the screw holes holding your bedframe together. Bed bugs hide in any safe tiny space they can find.

Fecal staining can also be found around their hiding places, even windows that are close to the bed. We have also seen black spots on the back of pictures that are hung near the headboards. Basically, the fecal stains can be found where the bed bugs nest. READ MORE And if you can find where they nest, you can find bed bugs!

Fecal staining from bed bugs

Debugging Your Bed

If you see any of these signs, or even a live adult bed bug or a bed bug nymph, or bed bug eggs, you definitely have a problem. Adult bed bugs are oval shaped, look like an apple seed, and are about a quarter of an inch in length. They are dark brown once they have consumed blood. So you will need to get rid of them. You need a bed bug treatment – heat!!

We are a pest control company that specializes in killing bed bugs and we have handled many bed bug infestations successfully. If you are unsure of the scope of the bed bug infestation and need help detecting bed bugs in your home, we can help you secure a canine inspection.  These dogs are phenomenal at detecting live bed bugs.  They can even sniff out the bed bug eggs.  Read More  

Dogs – the best detector of bed bugs

We recommend a heat treatment in the areas of your home that are infested if you are able to identify bed bugs.  Heat kills bed bugs at all life stages of their life cycle, including the bed bug eggs. Chemicals don’t kill bed bug eggs, so that is why multiple chemical treatments are needed. Heat is safe and non-toxic and most jobs are completed within 24 hours of starting the heat. And the heat will kill bed bugs and get rid of the bed bug infestation! Read More

We offer full-service pest control options and heater rentals to eradicate bed bugs.  We can do all the work for you to eradicate the bed bugs in your home, which is our full-service option We can accommodate small or large jobs. For smaller jobs, you may want to try a DIY heat treatment. We offer bed bug heater rentals so you can treat the bugs at your convenience. We will give you all the training you need to successfully rid your home of bed bugs. Give us a call.  We are here to help you get rid of bed bugs once and for all!

Treat with Heat!