We are excited to announce the opening of a new branch: Debug Your Bed – Los Angeles. Marie Collins has personal experience combating bed bugs, and she is excited to help you eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Marie is ready to help you eliminate bed bugs in your home.

Marie’s Story

There is nothing like googling a picture of the bites that keep showing up on your body, only to discover that they are bed bugs bites! This is what happened to me, prompting hours and hours of research on how to get rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately, much of my research was done while trying to fall asleep, knowing that they would be back that night to feast on me.

As you can imagine, I didn’t get much sleep that night. I read story after story about how impossible they were to get rid of. I read over and over how chemical treatments never got all the bugs (READ MORE). People went through so much work. They cleaned and purged everything in their house, only to find more bugs weeks or even nights later. It was clear to me, that heat was the only way to go.

But the quotes I got were impossibly high. Who has an extra $3000 to spend on something like this?! So we ended up getting some heaters and treating our bedroom ourselves. About a week later, for my own peace of mind, I had a pest control company come and check for bed bugs. They couldn’t find any! Just as wonderfully, I didn’t get another bite ever again! Give me a call. I know the torture it is – dealing with bed bugs. I will be delighted to help you, affordably, get rid of yours!

Debug Your Bed – Los Angeles

Marie is ready to help you treat bed bugs in your home. At Debug Your Bed, we offer affordable heater rental options for bed bug extermination. For as low as $150 per night in the Los Angeles area, you can treat an entire room and be bed bug free in 24 hours. Our electric heaters are specially designed to safely and effectively reach the lethal temperatures for bed bugs (113 F for several hours or 118 F for several minutes). Give us a call. We are here to help!