In our experience, chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs.  We have serviced many customers who have tried to eliminate bed bugs with chemicals, without success.  They have called professional companies to spray their homes.  They have tried treating the bed bugs with chemicals bought at local stores. Sometimes, it seems like the bed bugs are gone. But then they find that the chemicals have not been successful. When these attempts have all failed, they call us. And, a heat treatment eliminates the pests for good!

chemicals are ineffective at treating bed bugs
Chemicals are ineffective at treating bed bugs. Treat with heat!

The Problem with Chemicals

Chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs and are also harsh and toxic to humans and pets.  They can only be sprayed on surfaces that won’t be touched.  And the bed bugs must come in contact with the chemicals in order to die. Also, chemicals send the bugs into hiding.  So, after an initial chemical treatment, it may appear that the bugs are gone, but they will be back in a few weeks. 

Chemicals do not kill the eggs, so multiple chemical treatments are necessary.  You would need a chemical treatment every 7 to 10 days which allows time for the eggs the hatch. The problem with this is that more eggs may be laid during those 10 days, so the cycle can continue unhindered. These are just some of the reasons why chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs.

Heat Treatments Effectively Eliminate Bed Bugs

Why Heat Effectively Treats Bed bugs

Chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs and they can have harmful effects on pets and humans. Heat is the way to go to eradicate bed bugs safely and eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry about any hazardous effects on your pets or young children when you have utilized a heat treatment. READ MORE

Also, heat kills all stages of the life cycle of the bed bugs, including the eggs! This is fantastic news. Oftentimes, the eggs may be laid in places that cannot even be seen. For chemicals to be effective, they must get on the bug itself. This is hard to do if the eggs are laid in cracks and crevices. Heat can penetrate those hard-to-reach and-see spaces and eliminate the infestation before it has a chance to get out of hand.

Your home can be bed-bug free within 24 hours. When a room is heated to 120 F, bed bugs die within minutes. And repeated treatments are not usually required as with the chemicals.   READ MORE

Debug Your Bed

At Debug Your Bed, our goal is to eliminate bed bugs from your home, safely and efficiently.  Chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs. We have seen this over and over again where we get a call from someone who has tried self-treating with chemicals or even hiring a professional to treat with chemicals. And then they still have bed bugs! We even experience this ourselves when we had bed bugs.

We have a few different heat treatment options to eradicate bed bugs effectively as chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs. We offer heater rentals so you can economically treat your own home.  In New England and Indiana, we offer full-service pest control where we will bring the equipment and kill the bed bugs with heat.  We want you to get rid of bed bugs right away. 

Give us a call.  We offer a free phone consultation and will talk with you to determine the best treatment plan for your unique situation. We know there can be many scenarios and we are not just a one size fits all company. We want to help you get rid of bed bugs for good. We are here to help!