In our experience, chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bug infestations.  We have serviced many customers who have tried to eliminate bed bugs with chemicals, without success.  They have called professional companies to spray their homes.  They have tried treating the bed bugs with chemicals bought at local stores.

Sometimes, it seems like the bed bugs are gone, but chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bug infestations, so they find that the chemicals and diatomaceous earth have not been successful. And it seems like nothing is killing bed bugs or can solve their bed bug problem. This can extremely stressful and frustrating for people. When these attempts have all failed, they call us. We have personal experience with bed bugs in our own home, so we can sympathize. We always recommend heat treatments to combat bed bugs. And, a heat treatment eliminates the pests for good!

chemicals are ineffective at treating bed bugs
Chemicals are ineffective at treating bed bugs. Treat with heat!

The Problem with Chemicals

Chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs and are also harsh and toxic to children and pets and anyone with health conditions.  They can only be sprayed on surfaces that won’t be touched.  And the bed bugs must come in contact with the chemicals in order to die. Also, chemicals send most bed bugs into hiding.  Often, bed bugs hide in places that are not accessible with a chemical spray. So, after an initial chemical treatment, it may appear that the bugs are gone, but they will be back in a few weeks. 

A big misconception is that you can outlast the bed bugs if you simply stay out of the infested area once you treat with bed bug pesticides. We have had customers who have sealed off a bedroom and duct taped all the doorways in the attempt to trap the bed bugs inside. They planned to stay out of that room so that the bed bugs would die. Other people have wanted to take infested items to their garage and leave them there for a while until all the bugs die. This can be risky as the bugs could migrate back into the home. Unfortunately, bed bugs are extremely resilient!

Bed bugs hide and can survive up to a year without eating. Realistically, most people cannot stay out of their home for that duration. And if you start to sleep in another room, the bed bugs will just follow you there. They are attracted the the carbon dioxide emitted from the human body. So they will find you!

Another problem with chemicals is that bed bugs have become resistant to many of the chemicals being used these days. They have built up a tolerance so rather than dying, the bugs just scatter to hiding places and then come out after several days or weeks, hungrier than ever!

Chemicals do not kill the eggs, so multiple chemical treatments are necessary.  You would need a chemical treatment every 7 to 10 days which allows time for the eggs the hatch. The problem with this is that more eggs may be laid during those 10 days, so the cycle can continue unhindered and soon you will find yourself with many bed bugs again. It is this cycle of thinking you are free from the bed bugs only to find them again that makes having bed bugs so maddening.

When our family experienced bed bugs, we had 5 chemical treatments from a reputable pest control company, only to discover that the bugs were not gone!! We had paid a lot of money and still had the infestation. We then tried to spray them ourselves and even bought industrial spray, rather than use the most common chemicals or different products found in local stores. We thought we had sprayed enough to kill the bugs, but even this was not an effective way to exterminate the bed bugs.

Heat Treatments Effectively Eliminate Bed Bugs

Why Heat Effectively Treats Bed bugs

Chemicals are ineffective in eliminating bed bug populations and they can have harmful effects on pets and humans. Other treatment methods such as bug bombs, rubbing alcohol and using essential oils or diatomaceous earth are also not effective ways to eliminate a bed bug population. Heat is the way to go to eradicate bed bugs safely and eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry about any hazardous effects on your pets or young children when you have utilized a heat treatment. READ MORE

Harsh chemicals cannot be sprayed on anything that a person regularly touches or where people sleep or on upholstered furniture where bugs love to hide. They can be sprayed on the bed legs, bed frame and box spring, but the bugs aren’t always just located in these places on the bed. These chemicals are so toxic that you cannot be in the house for several hours once they have been sprayed. This is not a good long term control solution for bed bugs. Heat is the best control for an infested room or home, whether it is an infestation early in the making or serious infestations, because by controlling with heat, you eliminate them completely from your home.

Contrary to the rhetoric of some pest control companies, there is no magic spray or chemical to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. We have heard of some companies that want to do quarterly sprays in homes in order to control bed bugs or prevent bed bug infestations. It is not possible to prevent a bed bug infestation from starting with chemicals. People bring bed bugs to other homes, or items brought into the home could already be infested. So a chemical treatment is not able to prevent you from getting bed bugs.

Also, heat will kill bed bugs in all stages of their life stages, and it will even kill eggs! This is fantastic news. Oftentimes, the eggs may be laid in places that cannot even be seen. For chemicals to be effective even just on the bed bugs, they must get on the bug itself. This is hard to do if the eggs are laid in cracks and crevices. Heat can penetrate those hard-to-reach and-see spaces and eliminate the infestation before it has a chance to get out of hand.

Heat can permeate cracks and crevices.

Your home can be bed-bug free within 24 hours. When a room is heated to 120 F, bed bugs die within minutes. With heat, you can rest easy that your family and pets will be safe once the area has cooled down and you are back in your home. No special cleaning is needed except to get rid of all the dead bugs!  Additionally, repeated treatments are not usually required to kill bed bugs as with the chemicals.   READ MORE

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

If you are not sure if you even have bed bugs but experience unexplained bites, you will want to look for a few telltale signs: reddish-brownish bugs; small, eggs, which rice-like (but smaller) specks on dark furniture; nymphs, which are baby bed bugs; fecal staining; blood smears on your bugs; and bug exoskeletons which are yellowish in color. The adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and similar in color, while the nymphs are translucent and are extremely small. This makes them very hard to see! They darken in color as they consume blood, so as they get a bit larger, they may appear bright red in color after a feeding.

The fecal stains are most often found on bed frames and box springs. In large infestations, we have seen staining around electrical outlets, wall hangings and even window frames. These simply look like black dots but are usually in clusters and most commonly found near their nesting place.

What do bed bugs look like?
Let us help you rid your home of bed bugs with a heat treatment!

The bed bug molts five times in its life cycle and must eat between each shedding. The exoskeletons are yellowish and color and are also found near the nesting area with the fecal stains.

Debug Your Bed

At Debug Your Bed, our goal is to eliminate bed bugs from your home, safely and efficiently.  More than just bed bug control, you want total bed bug extermination. Chemicals are ineffective in treating these pests. We have seen this over and over again where we get a call from someone who has tried self-treating with chemicals or even hiring a professional to treat with chemicals. And then they still have bed bugs! As previously stated, we even experienced this ourselves when we had these bugs.

We have a few different heat treatment options to treat bed bugs effectively as chemicals are ineffective in treating bed bugs. We offer heater rentals so you can economically treat your own home.  We offer training videos and in-person instructions so that you can be confident that you will know how to treat even hard to reach areas in your home with heat. You will be provided with heaters, fans, and cords to create an optimum heat environment to kill the bed bugs. This is a great option for treating bed bugs if you only need to treat a bed room or two.

We also offer full-service pest control where we will bring the equipment and kill bed bugs with heat.  We have large heaters that can efficiently treat a large area in a short amount of time. These are our propane heaters that can created heat very quickly. We vent in the hot air through the windows. We stay on site for the duration of the treatment, entering the treatment area often to check the temperatures as well as move items and furniture to ensure all areas and even smaller items are exposed to the hot air.

We also have smaller heaters that we can utilize for smaller treatment areas. At times, we will leave these in the treatment area for up to 24 hours. While we may not be present to move items around, the length of time the heat is at the high temperatures allows everything to become saturated with the heat, killing all bugs and eggs.

When you need a pest control professional that specializes in bed bug extermination, give us a call. We offer a free phone consultation and will talk with you to determine the best treatment plan to kill bed bugs for your unique situation. We know there can be many scenarios and bed bug infestation and we are not just a one size fits all company. We want to help you with eliminating bed bugs for good. We are here to help!

Happy to be free of bed bugs!