Bed bugs are tricky little bugs to kill.  They hide and live just about forever, it seems.  They can go up to a year without eating, so you won’t be able to stay out of a room long enough to starve them.   So, when we talk with potential customers about a heat treatment, one question seems to rise to the top: can I get a warranty with a heat treatment?

30-Day Warranty


The answer is somewhat complicated.  We do give a 30-day warranty for a heat treatment that we provide.  If you rent our equipment, no warranty is offered. This is simply because we cannot verify if you treated your home to our exact specifications. 


The problem with offering more than a 30-day warranty is that most people have no idea how their infestation started…or when.  This was true for us.  Read OUR STORY. We had no idea how the bugs were brought into our home.  Was it spread from our kids spending the night at a friend’s house? or did my daughter bring them home after traveling out of the country? So, it is challenging to know if after 30 days you are still bringing bugs into your home.   Or, we have seen people who treated their homes, but not their cars, and then realized they kept bringing in bugs from their vehicles.

Extra 30 Days of Warranty

There is a way to get an additional 30-day extension to your warranty with Debug Your Bed.  We highly recommend purchasing a K-9 inspection 30 days after your heat treatment.  Very swiftly, these highly trained dogs can sniff out live bed bugs and even the eggs. If during this post-treatment bed bug inspection the dog detects live bed bug activity in a room that we treated, we will come back and re-treat that room for free.

Give Us a Call!

So if you are wondering, can I get a warranty with a heat treatment for bed bugs, now you know. Give us a call if you are looking to kill the bed bugs for good!  We are here to help.