Bed bugs will travel during the holidays.  How does this happen?  They travel with people (who don’t know they have bed bugs) to any place they visit.  The hop out of their suitcases at night, feed on the sleepers and then hunker down around the bed.  If this is a hotel room, the bed bugs will just stay in their hiding spot until the next unsuspecting guest sleeps there.  If their nocturnal bites go unnoticed, they may hitch a ride home with you! And there you have the spread of bed bugs in a nutshell. 

A recent article from Norfolk explains how bed bugs will travel and infestations are on the rise, and spreading during the holidays. READ THE ARTICLE

Bed bugs are spread during holiday travel.

Check Your Sleeping Area

Knowing that bed bugs will travel is helpful whether you are in a hotel or the home of a friend or relative.  You will want to look for black spots (fecal stains), small, white clusters that look like miniature rice, or even for the bugs themselves.  You will want to strip the bed down, exposing underneath mattress covers and dust ruffles. 

In hotels where the sheets are changed frequently, it may be difficult to find these signs on the top sheets and blankets.  Also, check the wooden structures on the bed and nightstands, particularly small areas such as the screw holes.  Bed bugs will travel and love to nestle down in little cracks and crevices.

If there is a headboard, you will want to look to see if you see any fecal staining around the edges. It is also a good idea to check around pictures that are hanging over the headboard as well.

Keep Luggage off the Bed

The first thing many people do is drop their luggage right onto the bed. This is not a good idea. You will want to keep your luggage and personal items as far from the bed as possible.  In a hotel room, you may want to keep your luggage in the bathtub or on the floor in the bathroom.  Keeping luggage near the door of your hotel room is a great option as well. Bed bugs tend to stay within 6 feet of their feeding area (usually the bed) so this is the area you want to avoid placing any personal items.

You will also want to keep clothing items off of the bed as well. Worn clothes emit a low level of carbon dioxide and bed bugs will travel to them, crawling into them, thinking they may be discovering their next meal. Then, unsuspecting folks scoop up their clothes when they pack to leave and place them into their luggage, not knowing they may be carrying extra guest back to their homes.

bed bugs will travel
Bed bugs will travel – keep luggage off beds in hotels.

Bed Bug Treatment

If you have found that bed bugs will travel during the holidays and you have brought them home, give us a call.  We offer full-service and heater rentals in order to kill the bed bugs with heat.  We feel that thermal treatments are the best way to eradicate bed bugs safely and effectively from your home.  There is no need to use harsh chemicals that don’t even kill the eggs, thus requiring several additional treatments.  READ MORE   Heat of greater than 120° F kills all stages of the life cycle of a bed bug. 

Give us a call for a free phone consultation to determine which option is best for your situation. We want to help reduce the stress of having a bed bug infestation in your home. Let us help you debug your bed.