Bed Bugs can strike anywhere! Even a US Navy submarine.  The USS Connecticut has battled the problem for the past year.  Hopefully, they will get it resolved soon. We have ideas on the best method to eradicate bed bugs.   READ MORE

Bed bugs can strike anywhere.
Bed bugs can strike anywhere!

Bed Bugs Aren’t Restricted to Dirty Places

A huge misconception surrounding bed bugs is that you must be dirty if you have bed bugs.  I don’t have any personal experience with the Navy, but I would guess that they run a tight ship.  Bed bugs are no respecter of people.  They don’t discriminate.  If they are hungry and sense a warm body nearby, they will hop on for a meal. Bed bugs hide in so many places and travel from beds to clothing, clothing to luggage, and then to the next bed. We have seen bed bugs in dirty houses as well as large, immaculate homes. A bed bug infestation can be found in office buildings, stores, movie theaters, hotel rooms, and now…submarines!

Bed Bugs Can Strike Anywhere – Heat Treatments Kill Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Don’t Die Easily

Unlike many other bugs, bed bugs don’t go down without a fight.  You can’t outlast a bed bug like you can with other creatures.  They can live up to a year without feeding.  Bed bugs hide in the gaps of a bed frame, in the nightstand, in-between couch cushions, under books or objects under and around the bed, and anywhere else they can reside without being seen. The mattress and box spring are the most common hiding places these bugs lurk. They will find hiding spots close to a bed or couch so they have easy access to a blood meal once a warm body settles in. Also, they have become resistant to some chemicals.  Over-the-counter chemicals and bombs simply temporarily displace bed bugs.  And, even the professional-grade chemicals don’t kill the bed bug eggs.  READ MORE

Bed Bug Control

Pest control companies that treat bed bugs with chemicals attempt to control the spread of bed bugs with spraying. This method of treatment is rather ineffective in controlling bed bugs, never mind eliminating them. The last thing you want to do is push the problem into other areas of the house. The best way to find bed bugs is to use a specially trained canine and handler to identity the exact locations the pests are hiding. A heavily infested house or apartment will be impossible to control and will require more effective methods to solve the problem. Even a minor infestation can quickly become a huge problem if not handled properly. If bed bugs are hiding in electrical outlets, a quick spray will be ineffective in controlling the problems. Get rid of bed bugs for good with a proper treatment.

Heat Treatments for Bed Bug Extermination

That is why we believe that heat is the optimal method for killing bed bugs.  Heat kills all life stages of the bed bug life cycle. If you are trying to determine if you could possibly have bed bugs, just remember that bed bugs can strike anywhere. A full grown bed bug can be the size of an apple seed with a dark red color after feeding. We recommend calling a professional for an inspection to determine the scope of the infestation. Then we can talk through the best heat treatment that will eliminate bed bugs in your home. You can be bed bug free in just 24 hours. Just give us a call. We are here to help!
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