Both bed bugs and COVID-19 can be a huge source of worry and stress. We want to let you know that we are OPEN during this time.  If you find bed bugs, please don’t hesitate to call us. 

As stated in our tagline, Treat with Heat, we only offer heat treatments as we believe heat is the most effective treatment for bed bugs.  Heat kills all stages of the bed bud life cycle, including the eggs!  It is safe, environmentally friendly, and effective.  Click HERE to read more.

Heat kills bed bugs.
Heat vs. Chemicals

DIY Heater Rentals

We have three different locations: New England, Indianapolis, and Austin, TX.  We offer DIY heater rentals in all areas.  This means you can rent the equipment (heaters and fans) from us to treat your home yourself.  We know during this crazy time you may be concerned about letting strangers into your home.  Our equipment is easy to use.  Our website includes videos and downloadable PDFS that explain how to use the equipment to effectively rid your home of bed bugs.  Click HERE to watch the videos.  

When you arrive to pick up the equipment, we will wear masks and stay appropriately distance from you.  We will then spend about 15-20 minutes demonstrating how to use the equipment.  We can advise you on the strategic placement of the equipment that will ensure the eradication of the bed bugs.

Full-Service Heat Treatments

In New England, we also offer full-service heat treatments where we will come to your home and handle all aspects of the treatment, including room prep.  We do ask that you get the treatment areas cleared of trash and clutter prior to our arrival. We will wear masks and gloves and stay appropriately distanced from you.

Give Us A Call

So during this time, if you find yourself worried about bed bugs and COVID-19, don’t panic!  While we can’t treat COVID-19, we are here to help with your bed bug infestation. We can help you determine the best fit for you: DIY heater rentals or a full-service treatment to eradicate bed bugs. Just give us a call…we are here to help!