Bed bug infestations need heat for total eradication.  We recently came upon this article about a man in Decatur that was forced to leave his home due to the severity of the bed bug infestation. READ THE ARTICLE.

Here are our suggestions if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Treat with Heat

We believe bed bug infestations need heat treatments as they are the best way to kill bed bugs effectively.  Bed bugs die at 120⁰ F.  Specially designed heaters can raise the temperature in your home to temperatures this hot and higher.  Once a room hits this lethal temperature, you will want to continue to heat the room for an additional 18 hours at this temperature.  This ensures that all areas of the room will get to 120⁰ F. 

Use Fans

Using fans is a great way to circulate the hot air in the treatment area.  You can shift the fans to certain hard-to-reach areas of the room in order to get each space to the desired temperature.

bed bug infestations need heat treatments
Treat with heat and kill bed bugs safely and effectively.

Expose All Areas

There are several ways to expose the entire room to heat.  You may need to bag up extra clothes that are not loosely hung in the closet or able to fit in the dresser.  We recommend removing these extra items from the treatment area very carefully.  Place the items in a bag, seal tightly, and then launder.  Put them in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs or eggs.  Then wash with hot water and re-dry on high heat.

Get rid of any trash that is in the room.  Extra objects absorb heat.  You want all heat to be available to kill the bugs! Bed bug infestations need heat treatments.

Once the room you are treating has reached the lethal temperature, you may want to enter quickly and move furniture around.  Flip pillows and cushions so the underside is exposed to the heat.  Prop mattresses and box springs so that hot air can pass in between them. Move dressers off the wall so heat can flow behind and underneath.  Lift anything off the floor (such as baskets and bags) so that heat can get to floor. You may even want to tip overstuffed chairs and couches to ensure heat can permeate them entirely.  Don’t stay too long in the treatment area as the high temperatures are not healthy for humans (or anything alive!).

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At Debug Your Bed, we offer heater rentals and the knowledge needed so that you don’t have to vacate your home if you find bed bugs.  We also offer full-service treatments in New England and Indiana where we can do this for you.  We believe bed bug infestations need heat treatments and are more effective than chemicals.  Heat kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle.  READ MORE

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