Are you interested in bed bug room heater rentals?  Do you have bed bugs and have not had success treating with chemicals?  Bed bugs are often not all killed by chemicals. READ MORE But sometimes, you may not have the funds to be able to hire a professional to kill bed bugs. We have a great solution for bed bug eradication that will save you money and successfully eliminate bed bugs.
bed bug room heater rentals
Bed Bug Room Heater Rentals

Heaters -DIY Treatments to Kill Bed Bugs

We offer bed bug heaters for rent for mild infestations.  If you only need to treat one or two rooms in your home, using bed bug room heater rentals is the perfect solution.  When you give us a call, we can help determine which rooms should be treated.  Once that is established, we can decide which heater and fan will work best to kill the bed bugs in your rooms.  We have several different sizes available for different size areas. Our heaters are specially designed to reach temperatures of over 140⁰F. Bed bugs die when exposed to heat at 113⁰F over several hours or at 120⁰F for several minutes.

The heaters are also thermostatically controlled so you can set up the equipment and let the heaters run without worrying about the room overheating. This is especially helpful in areas that have a fire suppressant or sprinkler system. Most sprinklers are activated at 155 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can set the heaters to a setting of around 130 degrees and rest easy knowing that your belongings and property will be safe during the heat treatment. And at this temperature, you know you will kill bed bugs!

There are also several safety features on these bed bug heaters so you can be confident that using these heaters is a safe, non toxic way to treat the bed bugs in your home. First of all, as previously stated, the bed bug heater runs on an internal thermostat so that the temperature will not keep rising out of control. So, you can set it and forget it! Also, if the fan built into the heater is not on, the heat will turn off. This provides a layer of safety again so that the hot air doesn’t get out of control. Finally, there is a little ball embedded in the bottom of the bed bug heater. If this tips over, the heating element inside the bed bug heater will automatically shut off, so you don’t have to worry about the heaters falling and creating a fire if they blow directly onto the floor. Your priority is killing bed bugs, not fretting about whether or not the bed bug heater package is safe.

Bed Bug Heater – A safe option for treating a bed bug infestation

Fans – Use the Equipment to Maximize your Heat Circulation

Fans are a great addition to the bed bug room heater rentals as they help circulate the hot air in the room. You can also move the bed bug heaters and fans during the treatment to pinpoint cool areas that may need more direct heat movement. We recommend using a fan to direct heat into closets and bathrooms. During the heat treatment, we also recommend changing the direction of the heat so as to ensure that all areas get to the lethal temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also beneficial to direct fans behind dressers and headboards, as well as baseboards and baseboard heaters.

Linens and clothes can also be treated when spread out on the floor. Just direct the heat over the area with the fan. For large collections of clothing and linens, it may be easier to pop these in a clothes dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes. The key is to make sure that all areas get treated and the bed bugs are not allowed to hide in hidden cool spots.

It is beneficial to also spread out any items that have been stored under the bed or nearby such as in the nightstands or anything else in close proximity to the bed. Bed bugs like the tiny spaces in book spines or even the cardboard of boxed book sets. We have frequently found bed bugs in stacks of papers and magazines stored near the nesting spaces of the bed bugs. It is important to make sure the fans blow the warm air over these items in order to kill the adult bed bugs, baby bed bugs, or any nymphs or bed bug eggs.

Bed Bug Fan

Training – What You Need to Know

When you rent a bed bug heater from Debug Your Bed, we give you everything you need to get the job done to kill bed bugs.  CHECK OUT THE OPTIONS We spend time with you to make sure you understand how the equipment works.  Our main priority is for you to have a successful heat treatment, to kill bed bugs, and get rid of any bed bug infestations in your home. We send you home with instruction sheets.  And, we have room prep and heater instruction videos on our website.  WATCH ROOM PREP.  WATCH HEATER INSTRUCTIONS. We want to make sure you are fully equipped to get the job done right to eradicate your bed bug problem! We know how stressful it can be to have bed bugs. We want you to have success with our bed bug room heater rentals.

We also spend time to make sure you know how to use the heaters, whether you only have one room to treat or you want to treat your entire home. We can also help you strategize the most effective placement on the bed bug heaters and fans so that you can maximize the heat to kill bed bugs. We want you to feel comfortable using the bed bug equipment and feel confident that you can kill bed bugs.

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So, if you need bed bug heater rentals and a bed bug heater system DIY bed bug treatment, just call us at your earliest convenience.  We offer a free consultation via phone to determine the best treatment option for your home and if a bed bug heater rental is right for you! We want to make sure you have the right equipment for the job! If you are overwhelmed by the thought of doing it yourself, we also offer full-service treatment options as well. Some people prefer for us to come in and handle the entire bed bug eradication process, and that’s okay too! We are here to help you eliminate bed bugs safely and cost-effectively.