Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We recently created a video to show you how heat kills bed bugs by performing a Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experiment.  We collected a few bed bugs (from a home we treated this week) to be the stars in our video. Click HERE to watch the video!


We purchased a 10-gallon clear glass fish tank and made a cover that had air vents and a place to insert a hairdryer. This will be our heat source for the experiment. 


We know that bed bugs die in minutes at 118°F but we wanted you to be able to see this.  So, we heated the tank up to about 99°F degrees and then dropped 4 bed bugs in the tank. They started to scatter to the corners of the tank, which is typical bed bug behavior.  As a side note, they tend to cluster on the corners of mattresses and box spring. The bed bugs love any little area where they feel snug and secure.  Next, we started to heat up the tank again.  Finally, all of the bugs died after the temperature reached 120° F for about 5 minutes.


So, we have shown just how effective a heat treatment can be to kill bed bugs.  The bugs will die at a temperature between 115°F and 120°F when exposed to that heat for an extended amount of time.  The higher the heat gets, the less time the bugs need to be in that high temperature before it is lethal for the bed bugs.

Our Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Here at Debug Your Bed, when we perform a heat treatment with our electric heaters and fans, we aim to get the treatment areas to 130-135° F.  Then, after temperatures reach approximately 118° F (which typically takes 4-6 hours), we continue to heat the room for 18 more hours. Yes, 18 MORE hours.  This ensures that the heat permeates all areas and hard to reach places in the rooms. Some of these areas can be dresser drawers and closets full of clothes.  We also recommend that the contents of drawers and closets be spaced to aid in the permeation of the heat. Click HERE to watch our room prep video or HERE to read the Room Prep PDF.

So give us a call in New England, Indianapolis, or Austin to see how we can help you eradicate bed bugs from your home with our bed bug heat treatments!