Bed Bug Free in 24 Hours

Do you have bed bugs? Would you like to be bed bug free in 24 hours?  We have the solution for that…treat the bed bugs with heat!

Chemical Treatments

If you find bed bugs in your home, most people think the cheapest way to exterminate the pests is with chemicals.  There are many off-the-shelf products readily available. In our experience, these products do little more than keeping the little vampire population from being overwhelming, without actually eradicating the bed bugs entirely. READ MORE Chemicals do not kill the eggs, so repeated treatments are needed often. With chemicals, you will not be bed bug free in 24 hours.

When we first discovered we had bed bugs, we hired a chemical company to treat our home.  Our initial visit cost $950.  This included encasements for the beds and traps for the legs of the beds.  We were also told that they would have to come back and spray every 10 days until they no longer saw live bed bug activity.  Each subsequent visit cost $350.  We had to have 4 follow-up visits.  Just doing the math for that and including our initial visit, we spent $2350.  And a few months later the bugs were back.

So, when that didn’t work, we decided to treat our home with chemicals on our own.  We went online and bought the “best” product we could find.  But after repeated sprays, we still had bed bugs. 

The problem with chemicals is that they must get on the bug to kill it.  So, if you have one bug that stays hidden and avoids the chemicals, you will soon have a larger infestation. Also, for the repeated treatments, it is a guessing game to time the treatments exactly right to catch the bugs just after hatching but before any new eggs are laid.

Heat Treatments

With a heat treatment to kill bed bugs, all the guesswork is eliminated.  A heater and fan(s) are used to bring the room temperature above 120 F. Then, maintain that temperature for at least 18 additional hours.  This allows the heat to permeate all areas of the room, including walls, closets, dressers, etc. The whole process only takes a day so you can be bed bug free in 24 hours.  And heat even kills the eggs! READ MORE

bed bug free in 24 hours
With a heat treatment to kill bed bugs, your life can be back to normal in 24 hours.

Debug Your Bed

If you have discovered bed bugs in your home and want to be bed bug free in 24 hours, just give us a call.  We offer full-service (we do all the work) and heater rental options so you can treat your own home.  Let us know what works for you.  We are here to help!