Here are some bed bug eradication strategies:

Bed Bug Eradication Strategies
Use these strategies to have the most effective bed bug treatment.

What NOT to Do

Don’t panic. If you find bed bugs, don’t panic.  We are here to help!

Try not to kill the bugs. Bed bugs can be hard to find, so it helps if you can show us a sample of the type of bug you have seen

Don’t throw away stuff. Many people panic and start throwing items away.  This is not necessary most of the time. If you treat the affected area with heat, most items are salvageable.  You should throw away all trash as heat treatments for bed bugs are more effective with less clutter. 

Don’t move all your furniture. Don’t tear apart your room! You do not want to disturb the bugs, which can potentially cause them to find a deeper hiding place in your room.  With heat treatments, you want the heat to be able to reach the bed bugs.  This is more difficult if they have burrowed deeper into the tiny cracks and crevices of your room.

Don’t use off the shelf products such as bombs, foggers, sprays, an diatomaceous earth (DE).  These too can just force the pests into hiding making it more difficult to kill the bed bugs.

Try not to sleep somewhere else. As difficult as this may be, it only makes matters worse if you sleep on the couch or another bedroom, because the bed bugs will eventually follow you there.

Avoid home remedies such as vigorous cleaning, rubbing alcohol and baking soda. These methods may kill the bugs that are visible, but they will not draw out the bugs or kill the eggs or bed bugs that are hiding.

What TO Do

Call us immediately (up to 11pm).  We would love to help you develop a strategy to eradicate the bed bugs from your home.

Save live bugs. Put them in an airtight plastic bag so you can show us when we arrive at your house.  It is helpful to show your pest control specialist the type of bug that you found so that we can verify that you actually do have bed bugs.

Leave all items as is in the room. Once an extermination plan has been determined, we can advise on which items in the room should be moved.  The fewer disturbances in the room lend towards a more effective bed bug heat treatment.  But, please discard any trash in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

Keep sleeping in your bed.  In order to contain the infestation, it is best to continue to sleep in the same bed as usual.  Bed bugs will eventually find you wherever you choose to sleep.

Treat with HEAT.  We believe that a heat treatment is the best option for any bed bug infestation. Click HERE to see how easy it can be to get ready for a heat treatment. We have full-service and DIY options (heat rentals) available at affordable prices.  We would love to talk to you to determine the best bed bug eradication strategies for your situation.