Bed bugs are small seed-sized, reddish-brown insects that feed exclusively on human blood. 

They can cause various problems for people, but they are especially harmful to dogs. Bed bugs lay their eggs in mattresses and other places where people sleep, and their young hatch into nymphs that look like small cockroaches. 

The nymphs feed on human blood and can spread the bed bug infection to other humans and animals. If your dog gets infested with bed bugs, you’ll need to take steps to get them treated and protected.

What is a bed bug infestation? 

Bed bug infestation is classified as a type of insect pest problem. A bed bug infestation is when there are too many bed bugs in an area. Bed bugs can be found all over, from homes, bed frames, box springs, hotels, schools, offices, and hospitals. Bed bug infestations can cause significant disruptions to daily life if not treated correctly. The bed bug bites can cause skin irritation if not dealt with!

Bed Bug Detection        

Bed bugs & dogs go hand in hand. They can be a terrific addition to any bed bug detection strategy.  Highly trained dogs can smell even the very tiniest trace amounts of blood in a bed bug and can even detect bed bug eggs. 

Bed Bugs at School

A school in Michigan recently appeared in the headlines as they found a few bugs at their school.  (READ THE ARTICLE) Next, they canceled classes for a few days and brought in canines to detect the locations of the infestation at their school.  This is a fantastic strategy.  Bed bug eradication can be costly and time-consuming when treating a large facility such as a public high school.  So knowing exactly which areas to target just makes sense.

Signs Your Dog Has Bed Bugs

Signs to look out for: 

  • Blood stains on furniture or mattresses (as well as bed bug feces)
  • Licking or scratching at areas it shouldn’t
  • Excessive hiding behavior
  • Consistently losing weight

Here are some tips if you think your dog may have bed bugs.

The first step is to identify where the bed bug infestation is happening – typically, this will be in areas near beds and other places where people sleep. 

You can identify bed bug spots by looking for reddish-brown patches on surfaces (such as walls, furniture, and mattresses) or by seeing fecal matter or eggs.

What can I do to prevent my dog from getting bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be prevented by keeping your home clean and free of clutter. Remove anything that could be a hiding place for these pests, such as old clothes, furniture, or toys. 

Vacuum regularly and use a professional treatment to seal in the bug-free air. Be sure to inspect any items you bring into the home, especially if they have been in an area where bed bugs have congregated.

Also, keep your dog confined when away from home. Prevent them from scratching furniture or surfaces where bed bugs may hide. 

If you must leave them outdoors, provide plenty of fresh water and food, and take precautions to avoid contact with bugs (including wearing long sleeves and pants).

K9 and Debug Your Bed

Here at Debug Your Bed, we offer K9 detection (see details), and bed bug sniffing dogs, as a way to determine exactly where treatment is needed. You may know exactly where bugs are located in your home, but this is a great way to determine if the bed bugs have migrated elsewhere in your house.  

Also, this is a good strategy if you or people in your home have slept in multiple locations in your house or have changed sleeping patterns once you have found bed bugs. 

Unfortunately, bed bugs will migrate to where humans are. So unless you treat them soon after discovering bed bugs, you may be unknowingly spreading them around your home.

Bed Bug Treatment: Prevent Bed Bugs From Taking Over

Once you have determined that you have bed bugs, you now need to know the best way to kill the bed bugs.  And of course, we firmly believe that heat treatments for bed bugs are the most effective bed bug treatment.  Heat treatments for bed bugs kill the pests in all stages of the life cycle, including killing the eggs.  READ MORE  

What should a person do if their dog has already got bed bugs?

If you have bed bugs, your first step is to get rid of them. You can start by using a pesticide or hiring professional pest control agents. If you can’t do it yourself, call a bed bug control company. Once the bed bugs are gone, treat any furniture or fabrics that may have been exposed to them.

Give Us a Call

Give our pest control company a call if you find these pests and want to kill bed bugs with heat.  And, let us know if you want a K9 inspection.  Remember, bed bugs & dogs are a great combination. So let us help you determine the best way to kill bed bugs with our cost-effective heat treatments.