Have you woken up with itchy welts and wondered if they are bed bug bites or rash?  Others wonder if they may have flea bites. A family vacationing in Myrtle Beach learned the hard way that their rash was caused by bed bug bites.   READ THE STORY
It may be difficult to know if you have bed bug bites or rash.

What Could It Be? Is it Bed Bug Bites, a Rash or Something Else?

If you sleep overnight in a new location, such as a hotel or someone else’s home, and wake up with unknown bites or an unexplained rash, it is highly likely that the bed in which you are sleeping may contain bed bugs. However, in our experience, if you have been sleeping at home with no issues and one day wake up to welts everywhere, it may not actually be caused by bed bugs.

Is it a bed bug bite or a rash? We got this question several months ago, we received a call from a woman who woke up with over 70 bites on her body.  She was convinced that she had bed bugs.  We were somewhat skeptical as it seemed rather unlikely that she would go from nothing to that many bites in one night.  After consulting with a doctor, he diagnosed her with shingles.

Recently, we went to the home of a gentleman who had suffered from a rash that began at night and lasted several weeks.  He was confident that he must have a bed bug infestation. When we came to his home to perform a heat treatment, we did a thorough inspection of his family room and bedroom.  We found no evidence of bed bugs.  He then mentioned that the rash had been subsiding over the past few days.  We encouraged him to seek medical attention if he continued to have issues.  As expected, he was greatly relieved that he did not have bed bugs!

bed bug bites or rash
Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed bugs take time to reproduce. An adult female bed bug can lay up to 5 eggs per day.  It will take 7 to 10 days for the bed bug egg to hatch.  The bed bugs need to feed at least 5 times in the next 5 weeks to become an adult.  They molt as they go into each life cycle stage, shedding their exoskeleton. While their reproduction can exponentially increase over time, you will not get a large infestation in one or two nights. 

Bed bug bite or rash or other health conditions? If you have a few bites here and there every night for several weeks, it is likely that you have bed bugs.  If you wake up one morning covered in welts, and find no evidence of bed bugs (fecal matter, exoskeletons, live bugs), you should seek medical advice. READ MORE ABOUT DETECTION

Do I have bed bug bites?
Bed Bug Bites


We are always happy to help determine in you have a bed bug infestation if you awake with what appears to be bed bug bites or rash.  We offer K9 detection services (in New England and Indiana) to pinpoint the exact location and scope of the infestation. The dogs are highly trained and can even detect the presence of bed bug eggs, which can be very small and difficult to notice with the eye.

Heat Treatments To Kill Bed Bugs

We offer heat treatments to combat bed bugs.  Only heat kills all stages of the bed bug life cycle, including the eggs.  And the treatment will have you bed-bug-free in only 24 hours.  We also offer heater rentals so you can exterminate the bed bugs at your own convenience and an affordable price. We will give you all the instructions you need to have a successful treatment for bed bugs. READ MORE

Please give us a call if you wake with what could be bed bug bites or rash. We offer a free phone consultation. We want to help you eliminate the bed bugs in your home for good.