Did you know it is Bed Bug Awareness Week?  Probably not!  No one throws a parade to celebrate bed bugs or even bed bug extermination.  However, if you have had bed bugs and have gotten rid of them, you would feel like celebrating for sure!

We can help eradicate bed bugs!

For most people who discover bed bugs, the immediate reaction is panic, distress, and shock.  No one expects to find bed bugs.  Most people think it must be some other type of bug, but certainly NOT a bed bug.  This is because there are several misconceptions surrounding bed bugs.

Myth 1

First, most people feel that bed bugs directly relate to the cleanliness of the living space.  In our experience, most of the homes we treat are very clean.  Bed bugs do not discriminate where they live.  If there is a live body producing carbon dioxide, that is a perfect home.  Now, the more cluttered an area is, the more hiding spaces there are for the bed bugs to hide, making detection and treatment more difficult.

Myth 2

Secondly, people feel that if they live in the country or nice neighborhood, they will be exempt from harboring a bed bug infestation.  Again, the bugs do not care where they live.  It is true that bugs may spread more quickly in a heavily populated apartment complex.  However, the bugs will hitch a ride wherever they find you and make their home with you.

Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs

We have experienced this firsthand and now want celebrate Bed Bug Awareness Week.  We have moved past any perceived stigma and are here to help you Debug Your Bed.  At Debug Your Bed, we are firm believers in heat treatments and feel this is the most effective way to kill bed bugs.  READ MORE The treatments are safe and non-tox and kill all the stages of the bed bugs, even the egg.  Give us a call to see how you can eradicate bed bugs from your home.  We are here to help!