About Us

New England Team

My wife and I personally experienced the ordeal of having bed bugs in our kids’ rooms. We first discovered the problem when our daughter complained of bites each morning. I called a couple of pest control companies who confirmed that we did have bed bugs and I received quotes ranging from $5,000 to $8,000 to treat our house with heat!

Because we could not afford that, we hired a pest control company to treat with chemicals.  We spent over $2,000 for chemical treatments, traps, and mattress encasements.  Unfortunately, within 3 months, the bugs returned!

So we purchased our own chemicals and treated the room ourselves. Within 2 months, the bugs came back again – in full force indicating that the bugs had not been eradicated!  

We re-investigated heat treatment options and realized that THE ONLY WAY TO ENSURE THAT THE BED BUGS ARE COMPLETELY ELIMINATED IS TO KILL THEM WITH HEAT!

We still could not afford $5,000-$8,000, so I looked for a company that provided heater rentals but found there were none in NH and beyond. Consequently, I purchased the equipment and treated my kids’ rooms with heat.  And the bed bugs died!  

Now we have equipment and experience. But we didn’t stop there! We flew to Arizona and received formal training on bed bug inspection and heat treatments. We earned our certification and are ready to help you eliminate your bed bug problem while saving you money!

You can easily perform the heat treatment yourself for a fraction of the cost by renting the heat equipment from us.  Or,  you can hire us to perform the heat treatment for you (and still save hundreds of dollars!). We look forward to working with you  to discover the best way to get rid of bed bugs!

Indiana Team

Bed bugs!  We didn’t even know we had them!  How could we possibly have bed bugs??  We are clean, neat people!  What the heck??

We found out we had bed bugs when we called an exterminator for stinkbugs.  I called and asked them to come and spray for the stinkbugs having no idea that we even had bed bugs.  My son’s sheets had little bloody marks on them and he was complaining about bugs in his room, but it literally never crossed my mind that they were bed bugs.  He didn’t have any bite marks or anything.  I just thought the stinkbugs had gotten out of control.  I was in complete shock when she said, “Oh, honey. You have bed bugs!”  Words NOBODY wants to hear.

INSTANT FREAK-OUT!!  Sure enough when the exterminator came to spray for the stinkbugs, he checked for bed bugs and they came crawling out from my son’s box springs. EWWW!  More FREAK-OUTS!!

The quote to treat for the bed bugs was $4,000, AND they couldn’t get here to treat for about a week.  No way was I living with those little creeps for a week.  Let alone pay $4,000 to get rid of them!  That