At Debug Your Bed, we use both electric heaters and fans as well as propane heaters to exterminate bed bugs.  Electric heaters are used for smaller treatment areas.  For a larger treatment area, a propane heat treatment is a better fit.

Case Study

Anja called us a few months ago because she had discovered bed bugs in her daughter’s room.  She wasn’t sure which other rooms in the house had bed bugs, so we recommended that she begin by ordering a K9 inspection. Dogs are fantastic for determining the scope of a bed bug infestation.  READ MORE.  The dog came to Anja’s house and determined that the bed bugs were limited to the second and third floors of the home.  This was beneficial for Anja to know as it reduced the amount of square footage being treated, thereby reducing the cost.

 So, a few days later, we arrived at Anja’s home with our large propane heater, ductwork, and fans for the propane heat treatment.  We piped in the heat through the large tubes into a window on the second floor.  We used the fans to blow the air to all the areas needed on the second and third floors. 

Propane Heat Treatment
A propane heater works well to treat bed bugs in large areas.

Once the temperature reaches the lethal zone of 120° F, we went into each room and moved things around! We removed outlet covers, shifted furniture, and propped mattresses. Next, we also rotated the fans to circulate the hot air.  We wanted every portion of the room and furniture to get exposed to the high heat. 

This process took about 8 hours.   We stay close to the heater to ensure that everything is safe. Once we determined that everything was sufficiently heated, we packed up the equipment, put her rooms back together, and left Anja’s house, which was now free from the bed bug infestation. The propane heat treatment was the perfect solution for her bed bug infestation.


If you think you have bed bugs, we’d love to help you! We believe the heat treatments are the most effective treatment for eradicating bed bugs.  At times, electric heaters are a good fit, but for larger areas, a propane heat treatment is a great solution to your bed bug problem.  And, heat is the only treatment that kills all life cycles of the bed bug. READ MORE.

Debug Your Bed offers electric heater rentals so that you can treat your own home with heat for a reasonable price.  In the New England area, we also offer full-service options (including a propane heat treatment) as well as heater rentals for bed bug treatments.  Give us a call to determine which heat treatment is best for you! We are here to help.