Bed Bug Success Story

Here is a bed bug extermination story from one of our past heat treatments.  This represents a pretty typical family’s experience with bed bugs.

The Discovery

Once upon a time, Simone called us because she found a few bugs in her son’s room. This was the beginning of her bed bug extermination story. She was panicked because she had heard how challenging it can be to deal with bugs. It was also very embarrassing to find these pests in her home. We assured her that bed bugs are not respecters of persons. Bed bugs infest even the cleanest and nicest of homes.  After consulting with Simone, we decided on the best course of action. We would treat her son’s room, her daughter’s room, and the master bedroom with heat.  We had discussed bringing in the K9 dog READ MORE to do a thorough inspection of the home. However, Simone wanted to treat all three rooms just to be safe. This was just the beginning of Simone’s bed bug extermination story.

The Treatment

We came into Simone’s home and set up the heating equipment in the three bedrooms.  First, we took the outlet covers off and pulled the furniture a few inches off the wall.  Then, we opened closets and dresser drawers to allow heat to get to the hard-to-reach areas as well.  We placed the heaters and fans in strategic locations to ensure that the heat would circulate in each room.  Next, we set up sensors and a monitoring system so that we could remotely track the temperatures in the room.  Finally, we started up the machines and left for the day.

We monitored the temperatures throughout the evening, night, and the next morning.  They reached the high 130s Fahrenheit. This is the temperature we aim for, even though bed bugs will die in a matter of minutes at 120 F. 

In the morning, Simone called us very concerned because they slept in the basement during the treatment. Her daughter woke up with a bug bite!  They did not see any bed bugs in the basement. However, they were concerned that the bugs had spread to the basement because the washer and dryer were nearby.

After discussing the options of treating the basement with heat or bringing in the K9 dog, Simone decided that she would like to bring in the dog to do an inspection of the home.

The Results

And now, the conclusion of Simone’s bed bug extermination story: We felt that the heat treatment to kill the bed bugs went well.  The temperatures were high for a sustained amount of time.  Several days after the treatment, the K9 dog came for an inspection. NO BED BUGS were detected anywhere in the home!  Simone was so relieved!  Now she has the peace of mind that the bed bugs were gone for good!  READ MORE ABOUT HEAT TREATMENTS.

a bed bug extermination story
You can have peace of mind after a bed bug heat treatment with Debug Your Bed.

Debug Your Bed

If you have discovered bed bugs in your home, don’t panic!  We have a solution to your own bed bug extermination story. We would love to talk to you about heat treatment options that kill ALL stages of the bed bug life cycle.  READ MORE  We want to strategize with you on the best treatment for your budget.  We want you to have a bed bug extermination story with a happy ending.

Give us a call! We offer a FREE phone consultation to determine what will work best in your home. So what do you have to lose? Only the bed bugs!! We are here to help you eradicate bed bugs from your home for good! That will be the best bed bug extermination story of all!