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  • Very little preparation required.
  • We specialize in bed bugs and have been killing bed bugs for over 7 years!
  • Hundreads of satisfied customers!
  • 85%+ of  all customers require only 1 heat treatment!
  • 100% 5-star Google Reviews!
  • Typical heat treament takes 6-8 hours. Sleep in your bed the same night after the heat treatment.

Why Heat?

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Detecting Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs & Dogs

K9 Inspections

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Debug Your Bed - our smallest heater is perfect for small rooms under 200 square feet.

Looking For A DIY Option?

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Debug Your Bed - our smallest heater is perfect for small rooms under 200 square feet.

Commercial Properties

Are you a hotel manager or commercial property manager? Click HERE to see our commercial bed bug treatment options.


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Why are people choosing Debug Your Bed?

Debug Your Bed - Pest Control
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Chloë WojewodaChloë Wojewoda
15:08 10 Jul 24
I cannot recommend Debug more. Affordable, super fast, professional, and even comforting during the stress and confusion of an infestation! Bryan and Monica are the absolute best in the business when it comes to handling bed bugs. 10/10 will recommend to anyone who has this unfortunate issue. Debug is the way!
Anna FinklesteinAnna Finklestein
16:17 08 Jul 24
Having bed bugs sucks, but Bryan was extremely responsive, reassuring, and thorough. Can't recommend him enough!
Anthony G.Anthony G.
23:00 29 May 24
They're kind, respond in a timely manner and are knowledgeable. Their contact for a K9 Detection Service, (Keith from Kounty K9 Bed Bug Detection Services) is an honest man. Highly recommend.
Kenneth KruckemeyerKenneth Kruckemeyer
21:41 29 May 24
No bedbugs found! Of course that is good news, but even more important is how much we learned from the initial call and then the inspection. Call them first--and especially before you go to the store and buy poison.
Joe CurranJoe Curran
15:14 10 May 24
amit sharmaamit sharma
19:54 09 May 24
Mark SpiegelMark Spiegel
00:11 12 Mar 24
We are forever grateful for meeting and working with Bryan and Monica (owners of Debug Your Bed). They were absolutely wonderful to work with! They brought sanity to the process of rationally identifying the scope of our bedbug problem and to the treatment process.We had been dealing with a bed bug problem in a very tricky situation during which we received conflicting advice from far too many companies. Would that we had begun the process by talking with Bryan and Monica. They were extremely responsive to the problem and encouraging and supportive. They came up with a solution and made everything as easy as it could be. Because of our tricky situation it took two treatments, but they persevered and got rid of the problem completely.We would highly recommend Debug Your Bed to anybody who has a bed bug problem. Not only did Bryan and Monica solve our problem, but a bonus is that they are a delight to work with.
Shannon ParrShannon Parr
20:01 25 Jan 24
Easy to work with Bryan. Highly recommend!
Melissa SMelissa S
17:33 25 Jan 24
Let's be real - NO ONE talks about bed bugs but it's a very real thing. It does not have to be related to anything - Anyone can find themselves facing bed bugs. I called this company on a Sunday night at 7pm expecting to leave a message and Bryan answered the phone! I was, of course, freaking out and he was so calm explaining all my options. He also did not force me into treating my entire house - We went the route of getting a K9 in and they were so amazing. They knew everywhere to look and check. Luckily, we caught this super early and it was only in 2 rooms. The dog inspected on Tuesday and Bryan and Monica came right in on Wednesday to set up the heat treatment. Because it was 2 rooms, my husband and I monitored and did EVERYTHING that Bryan and Monica instructed.Let me be clear - These people are the people to work with!! They are realistic, knowledgable, and kind - especially when the home owner can really be struggling with this disruption of life. Bryan and Monica take the time to talk to you and educate you on how easily bed bugs can just sneak their way into your life. They are quite the duo! I hope you never need this service but if you do, you will be happy you went with the heat treatment!
Shannon SkinnerShannon Skinner
22:56 13 Dec 23
I hired debug your bed after I had Terminix come in for 2 months to spray for them. The problem only got worse. I had the K-9 inspection and they treated the house, 3 weeks later and another K-9 inspection to be sure and no more bugs!!! Never again will I hire a “too name” company when debug your bed can get it done like a boss! Not only are they gone, Brian was able to schedule us in right away. Highly recommend!
Matt HillMatt Hill
20:34 12 Dec 23
They are very knowledgeable and are very dependable and hard working. They get the job done!
Kristina SchmidgallKristina Schmidgall
02:03 10 Oct 23
No one wants to deal with bedbugs, but if you have to, this is the company you want to work with!
Jenna CecotJenna Cecot
18:22 09 Oct 23
Bryan and Monica were able to secure Keith and his canine team to check my home within 24 hours of first contact. (It was the Sunday of a holiday weekend!) We made a solid plan during our phone call. Thank goodness our home was all clear, and I didn’t need further services. I would recommend this business for their timeliness and professionalism.
Rich CooperRich Cooper
01:18 23 Sep 23
Excellent rental equipment and customer service!
Ed A (boater3249)Ed A (boater3249)
20:44 05 Sep 23
Very helpful and responsive. I was able to rent a heater within hours.
Sam BestSam Best
21:13 30 Aug 23
Came same day for a K9 inspection and were able to tell us confidently that there weren't any bed bugs in our apartment. They were super helpful and were ready to help us in any way needed if there had been bugs
Gerald BonnerGerald Bonner
13:21 18 Aug 23
This is the best run small business out there. Bryan and monica are responsive, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable about their business. we highly, highly recommend them.
Eric RobinsonEric Robinson
01:15 17 Aug 23
Bryan is simply awesome. When I had a bed bug scare, he took my call at 9pm (including answering my questions and concerns for nearly an hour) and was at my house the next day to do a very thorough inspection. He was also very easy and quick to communicate with before and after his visits. I HIGHLY recommend him and his services!
Serge MichaudSerge Michaud
10:39 31 Jul 23
Shawn and crew are very professional and discreet... And they got rid of the problem! Great job!! Thanks!!
Paul GelinasPaul Gelinas
00:40 22 May 23
Solved my insect problems first try. Maximum kudos!
jessica wilsonjessica wilson
14:00 10 May 23
Brian and Monica were Amazing. I had hired another company(Bed Bug Solutions of New England) that scammed me. Brian and Monica came in and picked up the pieces. Not only did the give me piece of mind but they were both very educated in the subject. They also guarantee their work. Plus they offer K9 detection after 30 days! What a breathe of fresh air. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Jessica
Derolyn BeitmanDerolyn Beitman
02:28 25 Apr 23
Dan DiMeglioDan DiMeglio
22:50 21 Apr 23
So easy to work with
Donnie MillerDonnie Miller
18:57 19 Apr 23
Wonderful company to work with! Obviously you hope to avoid needing their services, but when the need arises, I highly recommend Bryan and his team.
Jerry LaPointeJerry LaPointe
16:46 14 Dec 22
Bryan's service was absolutely wonderful! I had been dealing with a bed bug problem for three years and, after several chemical exterminations, the bugs continued to return. Bryan was very responsive to the problem and very encouraging and supportive. The house was badly infested but he persevered and got rid of the problem completely. I would highly recommend his service, along with the canine inspections. They are wonderful and identify any continuing problem quickly. Bryan's heat process really works and his genuine and caring helpfulness is both calming and effective. He made everything as easy as it could be. He has made it possible for me to relax after three awful years of dealing with this problem. Until Bryan came along, I was beginning to think the problem could not be solved, but he did it. Bryan is the best, believe me!
Bobbi-jo RackliffBobbi-jo Rackliff
14:18 16 Sep 22
They are great people that are very knowledgeable and friendly. They know what they are doing and do a great job. They were so great and helpful. I recommend their services for anyone in need of pest services. Fast, reliable, and caring.
Jake D.Jake D.
23:29 11 Sep 22
A big thank-you to Brian and Cody from my family to theirs!! They were both knowledgeable, courteous, patient and professional. I hope I never have to, but I would absolutely give them my business again if the need arises. Thanks again!!
02:02 02 Sep 22
We were having an issue in our RV with bed bugs, and called Bryan from Debug Your Bed Pest Control, after being disappointed with another exterminator. Bryan set an appointment for us three days later for the full heat treatment service, and walked us through what that included, answering all of our questions. We are very happy with the service we received from Bryan and Monica. They are very professional, and thorough with their heat treatment that I haven't seen a bed bug since. Thank goodness! Also, they are both very kind and understanding of the stress bed bugs cause. If you ever have a bed bug problem, don't hesitate to call them if you want the job done right. I'm glad we did...
Sabrina GendronSabrina Gendron
21:39 06 Aug 22
I'm so glad we found them. They were the best people to work with. They were so understanding...I called them probably over 20 times before they came. They were super thorough and walked me through everything they did so I would have a peace of mind. I hope that I will never come across this problem again but if I do I will sor sure hire them again.
20:39 28 Jun 22
Very professional people very attentive to the customers needs always there if you need to have questions answered hope I never have to deal with this problem ever again but if I do I would definitely go back to these guys
Brandy MasonBrandy Mason
16:00 20 Apr 22
Wonderful to work with. I was freaking out and Bryan calmed me down and answered all of my questions. Very professional and worth every penny. The warranty is definitely an added bonus that I am hopeful we will not need to use. Highly recommended!
18:48 11 Dec 21
Had a really great experience with this company and team. They explained the entire process, were very quick when it came to scheduling the appointment and were very professional. They knew exactly what they were doing and we didn’t have to get a second treatment done.
Richard Jr LongdenRichard Jr Longden
19:02 09 Dec 21
With their guidance step by step, answering every question through the whole process. Bryan was utmost confident in me to diy heat treat my home to get rid of these pest one fell swoop. And we use the dog inspection that found the primary location and the secondary. With out this company and their help, I would of wasted money on sprays that don't work.
Diane BDiane B
10:29 30 Nov 21
They are very professional and knowledgeable! Their excellent service and communication during our experience has been top notch! Would highly recommend them.
Greg VaccaroGreg Vaccaro
19:29 29 Nov 21
I am a pastor. Someone came to my office and had a bed bug crawling on their shirt. I reached out to Debug Your Bed for advice. They sent a bug sniffing dog to check the sanctuary and offices. They advised me on how to use their equipment to treat the chairs affected. I was very happy with their responsiveness, professionalism and service. I would highly recommend them!
J GiulianaJ Giuliana
16:29 22 Nov 21
They saved my sanity! The owner or manager (I his name; I am so sorry) helped me when I thought I caught bedbugs from a hotel. He recommended that we use a K-9 to make sure that I HAD bedbugs. The K-9 company came and did a thorough inspection visually (human) and with the dog. They didn't find any live bed bugs! I still was not convinced that I didn't have bedbugs and texted the owner/manager a couple of days later with some pics of what I thought might be bedbug proof. He answered promptly and assured me it was nothing. I ended up texting him two more times in the next week with my worries. He was so considerate and reassuring. He went above and beyond. I wanted to wait a month to review to make sure I didn't have bed bugs. It's been a month, and they were right (K-9 and owner). I never had bedbugs!! If you are worried about bedbugs and need honest company. Go here!
Michele VMichele V
17:02 08 Nov 21
If you ever have the misfortune of getting bed bugs from travel, this is the company to call. They treated my home and vehicle with heat. I also had a trained K-9 show us where they were. Monica & Brian have been my rock every step of the way. I can’t imagine a better company to work with.
Jay SmithJay Smith
15:09 26 Oct 21
We had bugs (which happens to be the only thing I’m allergic to apparently) come from the neighboring tenant and Bryan was VERY helpful, knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly and was very flexible with my last minute requests. I would not recommend anyone else for this and hope I will never need them again but he was very pleasant to deal with and understanding. Definitely 10/10 highly recommend. Thanks again Bryan!!!
Elizabeth GirardElizabeth Girard
00:10 07 Sep 21
We rented the heaters to rid 2 rooms of bed bugs. Bryan met us in Hollis, to give us the equipment we rented. He was going there to watch his daughter in a race. I am so very happy he took the time to get us the heater and fan, because I was a bit frantic about getting rid of the bugs. Setting everything up was easy, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. All in all using this company is a fantastic experience. Thank you again!
Alisha CooperAlisha Cooper
17:25 18 Aug 21
I am very happy with the service performed to rid our home of bed bugs. Bryan was professional and kind and understanding of how this was greatly affecting our life. He got it taken care quickly and efficiently. It's been just about 2 weeks now and we haven't seen any signs of our not welcome guests returning!
Peter SPeter S
18:30 31 Jul 21
Bryan and his wife were very knowledgeable and responsive to my needs and recommended a K9 inspection before any treatment luckily it was determined that there were no bedbugs and no further action was required I highly recommend their services
Kit HansenKit Hansen
23:17 06 Jun 21
Can't say how happy we are with service. Tenant moving into one of our units from bedbug infestated unit, they treated her possessions in a uhaul and sent a bedbug sniffing dog to assure us nothing had been brought in. Resolved within a day, what better service can you ask for
Joan MendietaJoan Mendieta
05:05 13 Mar 21
Do not use anyone else to get rid of bedbugs, I had a persistent problem and Brian and Monica were so thorough. Thank you so much for your great work I am so grateful to you.
Matthew MartinoMatthew Martino
00:30 02 Mar 21
They were very informative and on time. They did as they said they would do and did the job with the utmost professionalism. Day 5 and no sightings of bugs!! I would recommend these guys to anyone. Great job!!
Helen AvardHelen Avard
16:04 02 Feb 21
These guys are amazing. They were so very thorough. They followed up to see how things were going. True professionals and I highly recommend them!
Katrina StroganoffKatrina Stroganoff
15:28 15 Jan 21
You never have the "pleasure" of using a service like this, but Brian and his son really made everything easy for me! Brian was available to answer my many questions, calls and was very flexible on scheduling. When I thought the process was going a little slower then expected, I called Brian and he gave me the advice and next steps I needed. The pick up/ drop off location is also very close (Allston) and accessible by car or T. Overall, I hope I never have to call an exterminator again, but if I do - they'll be the first to call! Thanks again guys!
Walden SamkiteWalden Samkite
10:03 11 Dec 20
They were efficient and friendly! I can’t express how amazing it was to have them swoop in and take care of a job that filled me with anxiety. It took a few days to stop hsve bad dreams about the bugs but I felt totally reassured that their job took care of things In a clean and effective, non toxic way! I would hire them back any day!
Seamus MoriartySeamus Moriarty
03:18 30 Sep 20
Bryan and Monica did a thorough professional job on our house. We were plagued with these bedbugs for months and now they are gone. If you ever get bedbugs don’t waste your time trying to handle the problem yourself. It can’t be done. Call Debugyourbed and they will take care of it.
Jordan FJordan F
14:40 29 Sep 20
Bryan and Monica are wonderful! As others said, they are genuine and truly want to help! They are honest, spend time explaining things about the nasty buggers and also about their process and how they got into the business.They also stand by their work and offered a 30 -day guarantee, in case we saw any bugs after treatment. I think their pricing is very competitive and I wouldn't hesitate to contact them again, if needed (though I really hope to not have to again :)).If you are concerned about BB's contact Bryan first and rest assured he will steer you in the right direction!
Mike SvobodaMike Svoboda
20:01 24 Sep 20
This company is great. We have an 8 yr old house with 3BRs. We used Terminex in the summer of 2019, they recommended spraying for the bed bugs, which they did, but the bed bugs never really went away, we saw ones and twos throughout the winter and spring. We called Debug in the early summer and they got right on it. Fist-having a dog come through and look for active nests, this allowed us to have some certainty that the bugs were back only in the Master BR (saving a lot of effort and $$$'s). Second-Debug came in with the heat units quickly after the inspection, set them up in about 15 min, and 24 hours later they were bed bug free. We are now convinced that heating is by far the best way to get rid of bed bugs and Debug is the best company to use. Hallelujah - we are finally bed bug free and Debug did it for us. The price was great too.
22:00 07 Apr 20
Thorough knowledge and instructions for my DIY bug killing project. The only positive part of a bad experience. Lucky to have found them! Recommend them 100%!
Sue MercerSue Mercer
19:14 05 Apr 20
Two days before family was to arrive for Christmas, I found a bedbug nymph! We had disposed of some bedbugs earlier in the fall and we were on high alert, to make sure there were no more. A friend had told me about a local business at that time in October. Within 2 hours, we had contacted Debug Your Bed and were set up and heat treating our house. I was in high emotional and stress mode, as we had to cancel all Christmas visitors, for fear of spreading bedbugs to others. The Ranahans were so calm, understanding, and helpful, as they gave instructions and encouragement to us. While, I don't want to have to go through this again, I now know that it's not as difficult nor expensive as I had initially feared. There should be more companies like this across the country!
Elizabeth GoguetElizabeth Goguet
01:50 02 Apr 20
Thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and the care provided by this amazing company!I highly recommend them if you have a major or minor bed bug infestation anywhere in your home. I was really reluctant to use chemicals as I’m super sensitive and needed a thermal option to rid our bed bugs. Plus, the heat option is much more effective in getting rid of them and also leaves no toxic residue.Brian arranged to have a dog come into the house prior to treatment to find the little critter’s exact location, which the dog found right away! The fact that he has connections with a highly trained dog is exceptional and something not a lot of other exterminators use around there!!Brian was extremely attentive and educated me on all of my options. I could tell he is a great teacher because he spent time explaining things and he was also very patient with me, since I was completely out of my mind bonkers from having bed bugs!!!!He and Monica both worked well together and make a great team; you can tell they’re experienced.Communication was great and clear instructions were given for both pre and post treatment.They’re also really nice, genuine people and their price is competitive!Do not waste any of your valuable time going to anyone else if you have a bed bug problem!! You will not regret going to them!
Apache ComplianceApache Compliance
13:49 09 Mar 20
Heat treated a tractor - there weren't even many companies who could do this. Responded quickly and even performed a follow-up job. Thanks for your professionalism - would recommend to anyone.
Mark PepinMark Pepin
16:51 07 Mar 20
Great company to do business with. They even upgraded their equipment to deal with the problems that we were involved in. Bat bugs are the same as bed bugs and require the same treatment. DYB did the job thoroughly and were very responsive and professional. Thank YOU!
Beth CorbeauBeth Corbeau
01:36 07 Mar 20
Brian and his wife were AMAZING. Not only did they get to our house and set up at 9pm, but we knew we could trust them and were able to leave our home and go to work for the day while they took care of everything. They resolved our nightmare quickly, efficiently and while putting us at ease. We would HIGHLY recommend them.
Lama Martini BoydLama Martini Boyd
22:33 25 Jan 20
Bryan was very nice and was very flexible. Explained exactly what to do and how to set it up. I highly recommend their services
Fun City PartyFun City Party
13:40 23 Jan 20
We used Bryan's heater rental service when our main heating unit failed. Bryan was fast and accurate in assessing our needs and getting the equipment set up. We needed his services for 5 days while major work was done on our heating unit. Thank you Bryan for the great service!
A. E.A. E.
20:09 14 Jan 20
I had to use this company a while back and they really went above and beyond to help us. They know what they're doing and are good people. 100% recommend!
Cece BrownleeCece Brownlee
22:01 22 Nov 19
The only good thing about having bed bugs is this company was here to help. Excellent equipment and thorough instructions made the job simple to do myself, and far less expensive than hiring someone to do it for me. Thank you for being there!!!


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